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5th Series, 1973-2021

5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, Fifth Series, vol 47, 2018

Croom, Alexandra T.: An Iron Age bridle bit from the River Tyne 1-3

Breeze, David J.: The Building of Hadrian’s Wall: a review of 50 years 5-40

Jackson, David: Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne: Archaeological Investigations at the Former Parcels Office 41-77

O'Brien, Colm, Adams, Max, Whaley, Diana: King Ceolwulf's land grants to St Cuthbert and their loss in the ninth century 79-116

Swann, N.: Excavations at Half Moon Yard, Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne 117-154

Nolan, John, Vaughan, Jenny: 27 Close, Newcastle upon Tyne: Archaeological Investigation, 1994 155-199

Newman, Caron: An Investigation of the Design and Evolution of the Rothley Lakes Landscape, Wallington, Northumberland 201-221

Pears, Richard, Purdue, A. W.: The Custom House, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne 223-254

Castling, John, Woolford, Clara: Uncovering a Georgian murder scene: the excavation of a Northumberland quilter’s cottage 255-270

Gregory, Richard A., Dungworth, David, Wild, Chris, Miller, Ian: Excavating the Wear Flint Glass Works, Lisburn Terrace, Sunderland 271-305


Book reviews 307-313

McIntosh, Frances: review: Breeze (ed.), The Crosby Garret Helmet 307

Moat, Stephanie: review: Aldhouse-Green, Sacred Britannia: The Gods and Rituals of Roman Britain 307-309

Huntley, J. P.: review: Hodkinson, The Ague: a History of Indigenous Malaria in Cumbria and the North 309-310

Pears, Richard: review: Malcolmson and Malcolmson, Wartime Cumbria, 1939–1945 310

Allott, Stephen: review: Turnbull, The Early Railways of the Derwent Valley 311

O'Meara, Don P.: review: Green and Crosbie (eds.), Economy and Culture in North-East England 311-312

Wilmott, Tony: review: Ridgway and Proctor, ‘Parterres Bright with Flowers’: A history of the walled gardens of Alnwick Castle as revealed through excavations and standing building survey 312-313


Fern, Roger W.: Index 315


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