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Our latest news bulletin is issue 70 dated December 2020

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 Events and resources

Important Notice: Coronavirus. Most if not all events listed in these pages have been cancelled, or will be very shortly. We are leaving them on the website, with their links, as they generally include a contact point for you to make further enquiries if you wish.

Check the home page of this website for developments (other pages may not have been updated).

In normal times, you can follow these links to find out more about events organised by others in the North East (or occasionally further afield if they involve our members), this month and through the year. If you know of an event that might interest our members, please e-mail the website editor with full details.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we are instead providing an Exchange newsletter of information and resources, sent out once a week at the weekend. Follow this link for copies of each of these (you will need to log in as a member first).

Other information about events and projects around the North East and Cumbria can be found on the CBA North website.

We also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a regular e-mail circular. If you are a member and would like to be included on the e-mailing list, please e-mail the website editor.


  • North East Ancient Egypt Society have published their latest newsletter, to keep members up to date with our lectures which were held via Zoom, news and an exclusive report by Prof. Ayman Wahby & Hakim el Saghir. If you would like to join NEAES or see the newsletter, send them an e-mail.
  • A historical review by The Lancet’s psychiatry offshoot has been published, comparing the tactics of protecting the public against threats in World War II (with bombing) and today (with Covid-19).
  • Rome and the Invention of the Papacy is the title of an online lecture by Professor Rosamond McKitterick, to coincide with the publication of a new book by her with the same title (Cambridge University Press). A 30% discount on the cover price is available to the end of September using the discount code HISTFEST20 at the checkout.
  • The Northumbrian magazine’s June issue contains a lengthy article by our member Diana Whaley, about the Name Books project which she and many other members have been engaged in, transcribing documents from the Ordnance Survey mapping exercise in Northumberland in the 1860s. Available on subscription or in newsagents.
  • What Happened to West End Schools during Wartime? is the title of a new factsheet from St James Heritage and Environment Group. It includes a copy of a letter from the King to all schoolchildren; another of these was included among the Blair Papers bought at auction by the Antiquaries last year.
  • The Co-operative College, chaired by July 2020 speaker Nigel Todd, has assembled a resource ‘bank’ of materials as part of their response to Black Lives Matter. It includes a link to a series of short films presented for the BBC in 2019 by historian David Olusoga exploring critical moments in Black British history from 1919 that have been forgotten or rarely discussed. There is also an article by Nigel himself, first published in 1987, on Black people on Tyneside in the 1860s
  • Our member Ann Craven writes; many people will be saddened by the news of Eric Hollerton's death. He was Local History Librarian at North Tyneside for many years and a respected and loved colleague. Follow this link for his obituary in the Chronicle.

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For biographical details of many our deceased members, going back to the earliest history of the Society, follow this link for the SANT Biographical Directory. This document was first put together, with considerable research, by Barbara Harbottle, and is being kept up to date now by Sue Ward. Any comments, additional material, and references (in print or on the web) will be gratefully received by her.




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