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Our latest news bulletin is issue 68, dated June 2020

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 Events and resources

Important Notice: Coronavirus. Most if not all events listed in these pages have been cancelled, or will be very shortly. We are leaving them on the website, with their links, as they generally include a contact point for you to make further enquiries if you wish.

Check the home page of this website for developments (other pages may not have been updated).

In normal times, you can follow these links to find out more about events organised by others in the North East (or occasionally further afield if they involve our members), this month and through the year. If you know of an event that might interest our members, please e-mail the website editor with full details.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we are instead providing an Exchange newsletter of information and resources, sent out once a week at the weekend. Follow this link for copies of each of these (you will need to log in as a member first).

Other information about events and projects around the North East and Cumbria can be found on the CBA North website.

We also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a regular e-mail circular. If you are a member and would like to be included on the e-mailing list, please e-mail the website editor.


  • The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland has announced that its annual Rhind lectures, usually held over a weekend in May, have been postponed until later in the year, probably September - but with no date decided yet. They will provide more information on their own website in due course.
  • Our member Marta Alberti is carrying out a research project on volunteer motivations on Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site. It aims to test a set of research tools which could, in the future, help heritage organisations to figure out what volunteers want from their experience, what heritage professionals need and what is already on offer. You can read all about it here, and if you are already a volunteer on the Wall, fill in a short questionnaire for her.
  • Veronica de Freitas, a PhD student at Durham, is researching the role and future of historic cemeteries, particularly from the perspective of those who live and/ or work in their vicinity. She would love to hear the views of your members on the topic, as people who value cultural heritage are currently under-represented in my research.
    Please contact her by e-mail if you would like to take part in her research. The only criterion is that they must live and/ or work either in the West End or Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  • Congratulations to Durham Miners' Association, which has been awarded £400,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to prepare the ground for restoration and revival of Redhills, Durham Miners' Hall, the 'Pitmen's Parliament'.
  • The City of Durham Trust’s annual Architectural Award for a new building or major refurbishment has gone to the Assembly Rooms Theatre in North Bailey, re-opened after 14 months of renovations. It was built as assembly rooms in the eighteenth century, and converted to a theatre in 1869, after Durham’s Theatre Royal was destroyed in a fire. It became the home of the Durham amateur operatic group and doubled as Durham’s first cinema. Purchased by the University in the 1930s, it became a theatre once more in the 1950s. One supporting wall on the far side of the basement is a medieval defensive structure, sadly no longer visible.
  • Congratulations to Jon Allison and Newcastle University archaeologists for winning the Current Archaeology magazine award for Rescue Project of the Year, for their intrepid activities recording the Written Rock of Gelt, in a quarry near Brampton, Cumbria - including abseiling down a cliff face

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For biographical details of many our deceased members, going back to the earliest history of the Society, follow this link for the SANT Biographical Directory. This document was first put together, with considerable research, by Barbara Harbottle, and is being kept up to date now by Sue Ward. Any comments, additional material, and references (in print or on the web) will be gratefully received by her.




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