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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, Fifth Series, vol 49, 2020

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Muncaster, Warren: Excavation of a Bronze-Age Barrow at Cushy Cow Lane, Ryton, Gateshead 1-23

Wessel, van, Jürgen, Wilson, Don: Iron Age settlement activity on the North-East coastal plain: Excavations at Brenkley Lane Surface Mine, Tyne and Wear 25-63

Breeze, David J., Hill, P. R.: The Stones, the Core and the Offsets on Hadrian's Wall 65-97

Graafstal, Erik P.: Hadrian's Wall: the winding path of a Roman megaproject 99-169

Breeze, David J.: The strange case of the long mile; changing perceptions on Hadrian's Wall 171-178

O'Brien, Colm: The Rothbury-Merlay boundary in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries 179-198

Ryder, Peter F.: Some further Medieval Cross slabs, and other Lapidary Material, in Northumberland Churches 199-227

Luxford, Julian: Medieval and later stones excavated at Bridge Street/West Street, Berwick-upon-Tweed 229-240

Pears, Richard: Image, Identity and Illusion: the Ridley Monuments in St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne 241-259

Platell, A. C., Walsh, Rebekah M. T.: The excavation of a waggonway at Newbottle, Tyne and Wear 261-277

Platell, A. C., Randerson, M.J.: Excavations of the waggonway, early iron railway, and workers housing at Redburn Row, Chilton Moor, Sunderland 279-302

Breeze, David J.: An Apple Tree on Hadrian's Wall at Denton 303-306


Book reviews 307-312 comprising

Murphy, Kathryn: review: Breeze, Hadrian's Wall: A study in archaeological exploration and interpretation, by David J. Breeze 307-308

Wilson, Pete: review: Hodgson, The Roman Baths at Wallsend 308-309

Carson, John Luke: review: Edmonds, Gaelic Influence in the Northumbrian Kingdom: The Golden Age and the Viking Age 310-311

O'Meara, Don P.: review: Smith, The James Losh Diaries 1802-1833 311-312


Fern, Roger W.: : Index 313-322

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