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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, 5th Series, vol 43, 2014

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Paterson, Danny, Tipping, Richard, Young, Graeme, Ross, Matthew, Gething, Paul , Pedersen, Kristian: Environmental changes at the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition from Embleton's Bog, near Lucker, Northumberland 1-18

Breeze, David J.: The marking-out of Hadrian's Wall 19-26

Foglia, Alberto Bello: Turrets as watchtowers on Hadrian's Wall: a GIS and source-based analysis of appearance and surveillance capabilities 27-46

Biggins, J. Alan, Charlton, D. Beryl, Taylor, David J. A.: Survey of the Roman outpost fort at Risingham (Habitancum), Northumberland 47-71

Birley, Barbara: A penannular brooch and two strap-ends from Vindolanda 73-76

Muncaster, Warren, Bidwell, Paul T.: Excavations of an Anglo-Saxon settlement and of prehistoric features at Shotton, Northumberland 77-140

Carlton, Richard, Ryder, Peter F.: On Archaeological investigations at the Church of St Lawrence, Warkworth 141-168

Dixon, Piers: Survey and excavations at Alnhamsheles deserted medieval village, on the Rowhope Burn, Alnham Moor, Northumberland 169-220

Carlton, Richard, Jones, David: A medieval fulling mill at Barrowburn on the River Coquet: evidence and context 221-240

Pears, Richard: St. Anthony's House: a lost mansion near Newcastle upon Tyne 241-248

Finch, Greg: The Carrshield lead mill dispute of 1694 249-256

Gailiunas, Paul: Pitch-pipes and psalm tunes 257-260


Welfare, Humphrey: review: Hodgson, McKelvey and Muncaster, The Iron Age on the Northumbrian Coastal Plain. Excavations in advance of development 2002–2010 261-262

Bailey, Richard N.: review: Maddern, Raising the Dead. Early Medieval Name Stones in Northumbria 262

McCombie, Grace: review: Roberts, The Buildings and Landscapes of Durham University 263


Fern, Roger W.: Index 265-275

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