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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, 5th Series, vol 42, 2013

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Keppie, Lawrence: John Horsley and the Britannia Romana (1732): the road to publication: the Tenth Horsley Memorial Lecture 1-34

Gibson, Alex: Neolithic ceramic sequence in the Milfield Basin: holy grails and missing points. Some comments on Millson et al. 2011 35-46

Gamble, Michelle, Fowler, Chris: A re-assessment of Early Bronze Age human remains in Tyne and Wear Museums: results and implications for interpreting Early Bronze Age burials from North-East England and beyond 47-80

Welfare, Humphrey: A Roman camp, quarries, and the Vallum at Shield-on-the-Wall (Newbrough) 81-99

Breeze, David J., Hill, P. R.: The foundations of Hadrian’s Stone Wall 101-14

McGuire, Michael: Barcombe Hill quarries and the Thorngrafton Find 115-27

Collins, Rob: A new Romano-British sculpture from Benwell 129-31

Miket, Roger F.: Understanding British/Anglo-Saxon continuity at Gefrin: Brian Hope-Taylor’s excavations on Yeavering Bell 133-60

Bogner, Gilbert: ‘To brave hardship willingly:’ Sir Ralph Gray and the siege of Roxburgh 161-79

Platell, A. C.: Excavations at 46-54 The Close, Newcastle upon Tyne 181-206

Swann, N.: Excavations within the grounds of Newcastle University, Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 207-34

Collins, Rob, Biggins, J. Alan: Metal-detecting and geophysical survey at Great Whittington, Northumberland 235-67

Proctor, Jennifer: Waggonways and brickworks: insights into the industrial heritage of Walker 269-304

Heslop, David H.: review: Sherlock, Late Prehistoric Settlement in the Tees Valley and North-East 305

Heslop, David H.: review: Proctor, Faverdale, Darlington. Excavations at a major settlement in the northern frontier zone of Roman Britain 305-6

Hodgson, Nick: review: Hunter, Keppie (eds.), A Roman Frontier Fort and its People: Newstead 1911–2011 306

Symonds, Matthew: review: Collins, Hadrian's Wall and the End of Empire: The Roman Frontier in the 4th and 5th centuries 307

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Ashbee, Luxford (eds.), Newcastle and Northumberland: Roman and Medieval Architecture and Art 308

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Smalley, Agitate! Educate! Organise! Political Dissent in Westmorland from 1880–1930 309

Welfare, Humphrey: review: David, Cumbria and the Arctic in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 309

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Leech and Gregory, Cockermouth, Cumbria: Archaeological Investigation of Three Burgage Plots in Main Street 309

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Walker and Graham, St Mary's Abbey, Holme Cultram, Abbey Town, Cumbria 309

O'Brien, Colm: obituary: Constance Fraser (1928–2013) 311-2

Fern, Roger W.: Index 313-24

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