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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, 5th Series, vol 41, 2012

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Saville, Alan: Three Early Bronze Age flint daggers from north Northumberland and their typological context 1-17

Proctor, Jennifer: The Needles Eye enclosure, Berwick-upon-Tweed 19-122

Graafstal, Erik P.: Hadrian's haste: a priority programme for the Wall 123-84

Platell, A. C.: Excavations on Hadrian's Wall at Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 185-206

Tomlin, R. S. O.: Not to mention the tablets: Vindolanda's other inscriptions 207-15

Ward, Sue: Church and state in eighth-century Northumbria: Alcuin's York poem 217-36

Sieberger, Irene: Reconstructing the Rothbury Cross: how the discovery of one mistake changes almost a century of scholarship 237-50

Kirton, Joanne, Young, Graeme: An Anglo-Saxon mortar-mixer at Bamburgh Castle 251-8

Lewis, Marilyn A.: Henry Atherton MD: Town's Physician of Newcastle upon Tyne 259-77

Bailey, Richard N.: The Acklington 'Warriors Stone': early medieval or modern? 279-83

Manolopoulou, Vicky: museum note: An Islamic oil lamp from Fustat 285-8


Collins, Rob: review: Allason-Jones (ed.), Artefacts in Roman Britain: Their Purpose and Use 289

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Jones, Roman Camps in Scotland 290

Bettess, F., Bettess, R.: review: Poulter, The Planning of Roman Roads and Walls in Northern Britain, and Surveying Roman Military Landscapes across Northern Britain: the Planning of Roman Dere Street, Hadrian's Wall and the Vallum, and the Antonine Wall in Scotland 291–293

Bidwell, Paul T.: review: Breeze, The Frontiers of Imperial Rome 293–294

Bailey, Richard N.: review: Petts and Turner (eds.) Early Medieval Northumbria: Kingdoms and Communities, AD 450–1100 294–296

Welfare, Humphrey: review: Summerson, Edward I at Carlisle: King and Parliament in 1307 296

Cambridge, Eric: review: Britnell, Etty and King (eds. and trans.) The Black Book of Hexham: A Northern Monastic Estate in 1379, with Additional Documents c. 1113–1536 296–298

Osler, Adrian G.: review: Fewster, The Keelmen of Tyneside: Labour Organisation and Conflict in the North-East Coal Industry, 1600–1830 298–299


Allason-Jones, Lindsay: obituary: Barbara Harbottle (1931–2012) 301-2

Breeze, David J.: obituary: Brian Dobson (1931–2012) 303-4


Fern, Roger W.: Index 305-20

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