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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana, 5th Series, vol 40, 2011

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Millson, Dana, Waddington, Clive and Marshall, Peter:  Towards a sequence for Neolithic ceramics in the Milfield Basin and Northumberland.  1–40
Brogan, Gary, and Hodgson, Nick:  A Bronze Age site at Mountjoy, Durham City: archaeological evaluation in 2003-7.  41–84
Carlton, Richard:  Archaeological excavations at Harehaugh hillfort in 2002.  85–115
Welfare, Humphrey:  The Roman fortlet at Longshaws, Northumberland.  117–130
Proctor, Jennifer:  Investigations on the eastern margin of the extra-mural area at Benwell Roman fort.  131–153
McIntosh, Frances:  Regional brooch-types in Roman Britain: evidence from northern England.  155–182
Tait, Robin:  Burgage patterns in Alnwick, Berwick-upon-Tweed and Cockermouth.  183–197
Hindmarch, Erlend:  Excavations at 119-125 Marygate, Berwick-upon-Tweed.  199–222
Robertson, A. F.:  A history of Castle Nook (Whitley Castle) and Whitlow, in South Tynedale, Northumberland, from surviving deeds, 1657-1868.  223–242
Clavering, Eric, and Rounding, Alan:  A map and its meaning.  243–258

Museum Notes:
Tolan-Smith, Christopher, and Tolan-Smith, Myra:  Miscellaneous antiquities from the Tyne Valley.  259–267
Allason-Jones, Lindsay, and McIntosh, Frances:  The Wall, a plan and the Ancient Monuments Acts.  267–276

Book reviews:
Welfare, Humphrey:  Proctor, Pegswood Moor, Morpeth.  277
Breeze, David J.:  An Archaeological Map of Hadrian’s Wall, 1:25,000 scale.  277–278
Breeze, David J.:  Leach and Whitworth, Saving the Wall: The Conservation of Hadrian’s Wall 1746–1987.  278–280
Welfare, Humphrey:  Brennand and Stringer (eds.) The Making of Carlisle: From Romans to Railways.  280
Ryder, Peter F.:  Rossiter, Hexham in the Seventeenth Century: Society and Government in a Northern Market Town.  280–281
McCombie, Grace:  Faulkner, Berry and Gregory (eds.), Northern Landscapes: Representations and Realities of North-East England.  281–282
Fern, Roger:  Index. 283

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