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These pages were put together by a variety of volunteers over a period of time, but they have now all been checked and edited by volunteer Scott Vanderbilt, to whom the Society is very grateful.

In general, the titles of articles and books follow the wording of the originals (the silent correction of obvious typos excepted). However, the order of each entry has been standardised to put the author's surname and first name or initials first. Editors' practices have varied over the 189 years since the first volume of Series 1 was published, and no attempt has been made to standardise other elements such as the use of capitalisation and their italics, nor the sometimes eccentric spelling of the titles in the early volumes where this appears intentional rather than a misprint. The names used by authors have also been left inconsistent between different volumes, so that, for example "Richmond, Ian" also appears as "Richmond, I.", and "Richmond, I. A." - depending on how the editor of that year described him.

Follow this link for our searchable database of all AA contents pages, created by Scott, which is sensitive to alternative spellings of titles, and is searchable by author's surname, with a number of features to make it easier to find an item where one is not sure of the exact name or spelling.

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