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1st Series, 1822-55

Archaeologia Aeliana 1st Series, Vol. 2, 1832

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MacGregor, J.: A Letter to James Losh, Esq., one of the Vice-Presidents of the Antiquarian Society, of Newcastle upon Tyne, containing an Inquiry into the Age of the Porch of St. Margaret's Church, York. 1

Hodgson, Thomas: Observations on some Roman Altars and Inscriptions, erected by a Cohort of the Tungri, and found at Castle-Steeds, or Cambeck Fort, in Cumberland. 80

Trevelyan, W. C.: Copies of various Papers, relating to the Family of Thornton, of Witton Castle, in the County of Northumberland, some of them bearing the Signatures of Charles I. and Oliver Cromwell. 93

Trevelyan, W. C.: The Copy of an Indenture preserved amongst the Records of University College, Oxford, dated 1404, between Walter, Bishop of Durham, and the Master of that College. 99

Baker, Rev. Thomas: Account of a Discovery of some Remains of Trees, within Sea Mark, at Whitburn, in the County of Durham. 100

Trevelyan, W. C.: Extracts (being Warrants and Orders issued by King Henry the Eighth of England, and William the First of Scotland) from a Pedigree of the Family of Lambert, attested by Camden; W. Segar, Garter; R. St. George, Norroy; R. Tresswell, Somerset; in the Possession of Sir Charles Miles Lambert Monck, Bart., of Belsay. 101

Hamper, William: Explanation of the Inscription on a Bell at Heworth Chapel, in the County of Durham. 105

Hodgson, Christopher: An Account of some Antiquities found in a Cairn, near Hesket-in-the-Forest, in Cumberland. 106

Trevelyan, W. C.: An Account of some Roman Remains, discovered on the Coast of Durham, in the Year 1816. 110

Hamper, William: An Account of a Runic Inscription on an ancient Cross, discovered at Lancaster, in the Year 1807. 111

Trevelyan, W. C.: Copy of an Indenture respecting Apparel made in the Time of Richard the Second, between the Lady Joane de Calverley and Robert Derethorne. 113

Chapman, William: An Account of some Antiquities presented to the Society. 115

Trevelyan, W. C.: Copy of a Letter written by Queen Elizabeth to Frederick II., of Denmark. 120

Hodgson, Rev. J.: Observations on an ancient Roman Road called Wrekendike, and particularly of that Branch of it which led from the Mouth of the Tyne, at South Shields, to Lanchester, in the County of Durham. By the Rev. J. Hodgson, Secretary. 123

Hodgson, Rev. John: An Account of the Life and Writings of Richard Dawes, A. M., late Master of the Royal Grammar School, and of the Hospital of St. Mary, in the Westgate, in Newcastle upon Tyne. 137

Bell, John: An Account of some Roman Antiquities which were sold in Newcastle, in 1812. 167

Trevelyan, W. C.: An Account of a curious Sculpture at Bridlington Church, Yorkshire. 168

Trevelyan, W. C.: An Account of the Tomb of Philippa, Queen of Eric Pomeranus, King of Denmark, and Daughter of Henry IV. of England. 169

Trevelyan, W. C.: Some Account of the Rectory of Bromfield, in the County of Cumberland. 171

Coulson, Lt.-Col. J. Blenkinsopp, and Hutton, W.: Accounts of some ancient Wooden Coffins discovered not far from Haltwhistle, in the County of Northumberland. 177

Bosworth, Rev. J.: The Origin and Formation of the Gothic Tongues, but particularly the Anglo-Saxon. 189

Hodgson, Rev. J.: Account of an old Inscription at Lanercost, Cumberland. 197

Trevelyan, W. C.: Several old Letters relating to the Nevills, one of them bearing the Signature of Richard III. as Duke of Gloucester. 199

Fox, G. T.: An Account of a Runic Inscription discovered in Baffin's Bay. 203

Hedley, Rev. A.: An Account of some Roman Shoes lately discovered at Whitley Castle, Northumberland. 205

Trevelyan, W. C.: Some Account of a Cairn opened near Netherwitton, in the County of Northumberland. 207

Hutton, Wm., and Hodgson, Chr.: An Account of some Roman Coins discovered near Brampton, in Cumberland. 209

Hixon, John: Account of some ancient Instruments found in quarrying Stone on the South Side of Roseberry Topping, in 1826. 213

Hodgson, Rev. John: An Account of the Chartulary of Brinkburn, with some Notices respecting those of the Abbies of Newminster and Alnwick, in the County of Northumberland, of Lanercost in Cumberland, and of Shap in Westmorland. 214

Trevelyan, W. C.: The Household Expenses, for one Year, of Philip, third Lord Wharton. 224

Bell, John: An Account of the Remains of a Chapel, or Church, and Kirk Garth, near Low Gosforth House, in the County of Northumberland. 243

Smart, John: An Account of a Roman Road in Northumberland. 246

Fryer, Joseph H.: An Account of certain Articles taken from the Graves of the ancient Peruvians, in the Neighbourhood of Arica, on the West Coast of South America. 248

Empson, Charles: An Account of some Golden Articles brought from South America, laid before the Society on the 6th February, 1828, with Remarks thereon. 252

Faber, Rev. G. S.: Explanation of some of the South American Figures described by Mr. Empson,. 256

Bell, John: Some Account of the Bronze Statue of James II., supposed to have formerly stood on the Sandhill, Newcastle. 260

Hodgson, Christopher: Account of a Roman Inscription found at Old Penrith. 265

Howard, Henry: Account of a Golden Armlet found near Aspatria, in the County of Cumberland. 267

Trevelyan, W. C.: An Account of some Letters at Eshton Hall, Yorkshire, relating to the Nunnery of St. Bartholomew, in Newcastle upon Tyne. 269

Hodgson, R. W.: Abridgments, in English and Latin, of Fifteen Original Ancient Deeds respecting the Manor of Offerton, in the County of Durham. 273

Cook, Capt. Samuel E.: Papers relative to the Murder of Lord Francis Russell, at Hexpethgate-head, on the Middle Marches, between England and Scotland, accompanied by an explanatory Letter from the Rev. John Hodgson. 287

Brown, Thos.: Observations on Mr. Brand's Opinion respecting the Origin of the Prior's Haven, at Tynemouth. 297

Petrie, Henry: The Great Roll of the Half of the Sixth Year of King Richard the First, beginning in July, 1194, and ending in January, 1195; also for Easter Term, in the Seventh Year of King John. From the Originals in the Tower of London. 304

Hodgson, C.: Account of an ancient Pitcher, found in digging the Foundations for a New Gaol, at Carlisle 313

Blackbird, Russell: Account of the Discovery of a Stone Vault and Urn, at Villa Real, near Jesmond. 315

Brockett, John Trotter: A List of the Freeholders of Northumberland, in 1628 and 1638-9. 316

Hodgson, R. W.: A Rental of the Principality of Redesdale; copied from an original Roll, in the possession of William John Charlton, of Hesleyside, Esq., with some Notes by the Rev. John Hodgson. 326

MacGregor, John: An Inquiry into the State of Literature and the Arts among the Ancient Tuscans, 339

---, A Letter from the Corporation of Newcastle upon Tyne, to the Mayor and Aldermen of Berwick. 366

---, Some Additional Particulars relative to the Stone Coffins found in Chatton Church-yard. 368

Bell, Thomas Charles: Rutupiarum Reliquiæ; or, an Account of the celebrated Roman Station Rutupiæ, near Sandwich, in the County of Kent; with Remarks on Julius Caesar's Landing Place, in Britain. 369

Hodgson, Rev. John: Antient Charters respecting Monastical and Lay Property in Cumberland, and other Counties in the North of England; from Originals in the possession of Wm. John Charlton, of Hesleyside, Esq., accompanied with Abstracts of them in English, and some prefatory and illustrative Remarks. 381

Hodgson , John: An Account of the ancient Ruined Chapel at East Shaftoe, in the Parish of Hartburn, and County of Northumberland. 412

Hodgson, C.: Account of two Roman Inscriptions. 419

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