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1st Series, 1822-55

Archaeologia Aeliana, 1st Series, Vol. 3, 1844

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Turner, Thomas Hudson: Copy of a Commission issued in the year 1650 for inquiring into the Number and Value of Church Livings in the County of Northumberland, and of two Inquisitions taken in pursuance thereof; being so much of the "Oliverian, or Parliamentary Survey" as relates to that County. 1

Dickson, William: Bills of Cravings of the Sheriff of Northumberland for 1715, of Expenses incurred by him relative to the Rebellion in that Year. 11

Hodgson, Jun., John: An Inquisition taken at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1357, before William Hedwin, Coroner of Tynedale Ward, by twelve Jurors, respecting certain Felonies committed by Persons residing in that District. 14

Turner, Thomas Hudson: Copies of Records preserved in the Tower of London, relating to the County of Northumberland. 18

Turner, Thomas Hudson: Bundle of Placita for the County of Northumberland, No. 42, among the Records in the Tower of London. 30

Dickson, William: Cronica Monasterij de Alnewyke et quodam Libro Cronicanum in Libraria Collegij Regalis Cantabrigiæ de dono Regis Henrici VI Fundatoris. 33

Dickson, William: Contents of the Chartulary of Hulne Abbey, in the Parish of Alnwick, founded by William de Vescy, A. D. 1240, 24 Henry III. 46

Dickson, William: Notice relative to the Hospital of St. Leonard, in the Parish of Alnwick. 48

Turner, Thomas Hudson: Extracts from the Patent Rolls relating to the Rebellion of Gilbert de Middleton. 51

Swinburne, John Edward: Extracts from a Communication giving an Account of some ancient Tomb Stones discovered in Chollerton Church, in the County of Northumberland. 76

Adamson, John: An Account of the Discovery, at Hexham, in Northumberland, of a Brass Vessel, containing a Number of Anglo-Saxon Coins, called Stycas. Reprinted from the Archæologia, Vol. XXV. 77a

Adamson, John: Further Account of the Anglo-Saxon Coins, called Stycas, recently discovered at Hexham, in the County of Northumberland. Reprinted by Permission of the Society of Antiquaries, London, from the Archæologia, Vol. XXVI. 109a

Hodgson, Rev. John: Testamentary and other Evidences respecting Persons and Property in Newcastle upon Tyne, chiefly in the Fifteenth Century. 77

Turner, Thomas Hudson: Deeds relating to Newcastle upon Tyne. 82

Brockett, John Trotter: Extracts from the Minute Book in the Clerk of Assize's Office, for the Northern Circuit, 1665 to 1675. 86

Hodgson, John: Viscountal Rents for the County of Northumberland, as contained in the Compotus of Sir Thomas Swinburne, Knight, for his Sheriffalty, during the Years 1628 and 1629. 93

Turner, Thomas Hudson: Inquisitions Post-mortem relating to Coquetdale Ward; from the Originals in the Tower of London. 97

Treyelyan, Walter Calverley: Observations in a Northern Journey, taken Hill. Vaccon., 1666, by John Stainsby, of Clements Inn, Gent. From the Original in Ashmole's MSS., Vol. 834, Art 6. 119

Halliwell, James Orchard: A Royal License, by Henry VII., in favour of the Merchants of Newcastle to export Wool. From the Manuscript in the British Museum, 1 Bib. Cotton, Vispas. c. xix., fol. 477, &c. 123

Halliwell, James Orchard: Bird's-eye View of Newcastle upon Tyne, from a Drawing preserved in the British Museum. 124

Fox, George Townshend: The Maner of the King's coming to the City of Durham, Anno 1617; a Record of the Founder and Erector of the Market Cross there; and an Abstract of the Contents of the Mayor of Durham's MS. 125

Bigsby, Robert: Memoir of a Bridle Bit belonging to William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle. 130

Potter, H. G.: On the Crocodile of Egypt. Communicated to the Society Jan. 3, 1843, with Mummies of the young Crocodile. 134

Treyelyan, Walter Calverley: An Account of Three Inscribed Stones, and a Letter, descriptive thereof ... dated April 3,1839; to which are added, Mr. Nichol's Suggestions as to the Reading thereon, from the Gentleman's Magazine for December, 1839. 139

Clayton, John: Account of an Excavation recently made within the Roman Station of Cilurnum. 142

Richardson, George B.: Account of the Discovery of some Relics in the Western Suburbs of Pons Ælii. 148

Swinburne, J. E., Treyelyan, Arthur, Bell, John, and Shanks, Richard: Notices respecting the Roman Station of Habitancum (now Risingham) 150

Index, 161-170


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