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2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 13, 1889

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---: List of Plates, Woodcuts, etc. iii
---: Contributions of Plates. iv
---: Report of the Society for 1888 and 1889. v, vii
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheets for 1887 and 1888. x, xii
---: Officers for 1889. xvi
---: List of Members. xvii
---: Statutes of the Society. xxix
Hope, W. H. St. John: On the Premonstratensian Abbey of St. Mary at Alnwick, Northumberland. 1
Wilson, F. R.: On Wayside Chapels and Hermitages, with special reference to the Chapel on the Old Tyne Bridge. 11
Dixon, D. D.: The Bells and Communion plate of Rothbury Parish Church. 18
Phillips, Maberly: The Meeting House at Horsley-upon-Tyne. 33
Phillips, Maberly: Disused Graveyards in Northumberland. 65
Ferguson, R. S.: An Unknown Percy Medal. 69
Embleton, Dennis: On certain Peculiarities of the Dialect in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Northumberland. 72
Ferguson, R. S.: Hadrian's Great Barrier. 85
Johnson, Anthony: Bywell. 89
Clayton, John: Notes on Lord Collingwood. 167
Ferguson, R. S.: The Wall and Vallum of Hadrian. 181
On some newly discovered Roman Inscriptions, etc.
     1. An Inscription at Cliburn. By E. Hübner. 185
     2. Inscriptions from Cilurnum, etc. By W. T. Watkin. 190
     3. An Inscribed Slab from Newburn. By J. C. Bruce. 192
     4. A Centurial Stone from Caervoran, etc. By J. C. Bruce. 196
     5. Potters' Marks from Carlisle. By R. S. Ferguson. 198
     6. A Roman Christian Inscription from Portugal. By J. C. Bruce. 199
Boyle, J. R.: The Insignia and Plate of the Corporation of Morpeth. 201
Bates, Cadwallader J.: On the Armorial Devices attributed to the County of Northumberland. 217
Gregory, John V.: Notes on the Northumberland Burr. 223
Hedley, R. C.: The Pre-Historic Camps of Northumberland. 225
Phillips, Maberly: Another Disused Graveyard 'The Quicks Buring Plas in Sidgatt,' Newcastle. 234
Hall, G. Rome: Notes on a Pre-Conquest Memorial Stone from Birtley, and Fragments of Crosses from Falstone, North Tynedale. 252
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: Unused Evidences relating to SS. Cuthbert and Bede, etc. 278
---: Carved Oak Chest at Chesters. 284
Spence, Charles James: Notes on the Plates and Maps of the Tyne in Gardner's [sic] England's Grievance Discovered of 1655. 285
Dixon, D. D.: Coquetdale Customs. 306
Bates, Cadwallader J.: The Dedications of the Ancient Churches and Chapels in the Diocese of Newcastle. 317
Knowles, W. H.: Recent Excavations on the site of the Carmelites, or White Friars, at Newcastle. 346
Hardy, James: Further Discoveries of Pre-Historic Graves, Urns, and other Antiquities, on Lilburn Hill Farm, on the Lilburn Tower estate. 351
Notes of Roman Inscriptions, etc.
     1. Inscribed Stones at Chesters. By J. C. Bruce. 357
     2. Inscribed Stones at Colchester. By F. J. Haverfield. 358
     3. The Roman Inscriptions of Brough under Stainmore. By F. J. Haverfield. 358
     4. Miscellanea. By Robert Blair. 360
     5. A Christian Inscription from Chesterholm. By J. C. Bruce. 367
     6. Meaning of the Names Procolitia, Petrianae, Classiana, connected with some Roman Auxiliary Troops in Britain. By R. Mowat. 371
     7. Some Excavations at Chesters. By J. C. Bruce. 374
---: Index. 379

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