The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 12, 1887

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---: List of Plates, &c. iii
---: Contributions of Plates, etc. iv
---: Report of the Society for 1886. v
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. viii
---: Officers for 1886. x
---: Report of the Society for 1887. xi
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. xiv
---: Officers for 1887. xvi
---: List of Members. xvii
---: Catalogue of the Inscribed and Sculptured Stones of the Roman Era in possession of the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle. 1
Hodgkin, Thomas: Blatum Bulgium; or Notes on the Camps of Birrens and Burnswark. 101
Clephan, James: The Bigg Market Military Execution, 1640: The Year of Newburn. 112
Hall, G. Rome: An Account of the Discovery of a British perforated Axe-hammer and a Roman Silver Coin, near Barrasford, with Notices of other Stone Implements from this locality. 116
Holmes, Sheriton: On a Building at Cilurnum, supposed to be Roman Baths. 124
Hodges, C. C.: Remarks on two Mediaeval Grave Covers from St. Nicholas's Church, Newcastle, discovered in June, 1886. 130
Clephan, James: Old Tyne Bridge and its Story. 135
Smeaton, John: Report on Old Tyne Bridge. 148
Bruce, J. C.: The late Sir C. E. Trevelyan, Bart. 150
Hedley, R. Cecil: Notes on a Pre-Historic Camp and Avenue of Stones on Thockrington Quarry House Farm. 155
Ferguson, R. S.: Report of Excavations in Cumberland, per lineam valli, undertaken by, and at the cost of the Cumberland & Westmoreland [sic] Antiquarian & Archaeological Society. 159
Adamson, Horatio A.: A Terrier of Lands in the Manor of Tinemouth, in 1649; with Notes. 172
Bates, Cadwallader J.: Three Papal Bulls confirmatory of the Possessions of the Riddells of Riddell. 191
Hulsebos, G. A.: On a Roman Tombstone in the Carlisle Museum. 205
Clephan, James: Departure of the Quayside Wall; and what became of it. 210
Adamson, E. H.: An attempt to trace the Delavals from the time of the Norman Conquest to the present day. 215
Hicks, W. S.: Notes on the Chapel of Our Lady, Seaton Delaval. 229
Welford, Richard: The Walls of Newcastle in 1638. 230
Boyle, J. R.: The Plate and Insignia of the Corporation of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 236
Hall, G. Rome: Recent Explorations in Ancient British Barrows, containing Cup-marked Stones, near Birtley. 241
Hall, G. Rome: On some Cup-incised Stones, found in an Ancient British Burial-Mound at Pitland Hills, near Birtley. 268
On some recently discovered Inscriptions of the Roman Period.
     1. On Altars at Chester-le-Street, Caervoran, and Corbridge. By J. C. Bruce. 284
     2. On Altars at West Harrington, and Birdoswald. By J. C. Bruce. 287
     3. On inscriptions at Cliburn, &c.
         a. By R. S. Ferguson. 289
         b. By W. Thompson Watkin. 290
     4. On an Altar from Chester-le-Street. By W. Thompson Watkin. 292
     5. On a Greek Inscription from Risingham. By E. C. Clark. 294
     6. On a Roman Tombstone at Mertola, Portugal. By J. C. Bruce. 297
Gibson, J. P.: The Bells of the Priory Church of St. Andrew, Hexham. 299
---: Index. 307
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