The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 11, 1886

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---: List of Plates. ii
---: Contributions of Plates, etc. iia
---: Annual Report, 1885. iii
---: Treasurer's Account. viii
---: List of Officers. x
---: List of Honorary Members. xi
---: List of Ordinary Members. xii
---: List of Societies which exchange Publications. xix
Clephan, James: The Painter Heugh, Newcastle; and the Wind-mill. 1
Dwarris, B. E.: Notes on Bywell. 11
Low, J. L.: On the Authorities for the History of St. Cuthbert. 18
Browne, G. F.: On Inscriptions at Jarrow and Monkwearmouth. 27
Boyle, J. R.: On the Monastery and Church of St. Peter, Monkwearmouth. 33
Hirst, J.: The Pfahl-graben. 52
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: William Gray, the Author of the Chorographia. 61
Welford, Richard: Cuthbert Gray, Merchant. 65
Hübner, E., Hodgkin, Thomas (trans.): The Roman Annexation of Britain. 82
Newly Discovered Roman Inscriptions:
     1. On an Altar to "Fortuna Conservatrix", from Cilurnum. By John Clayton. 117
     2. On a Roman Altar from Byker. By J. C. Bruce. 120
     3. On Centurial Stones from Gilsland. By J. C. Bruce. 121
     4. On a Centurial Stone at Hexham, and a Slab at Jedburgh Abbey. By J. C. Bruce. 122
     5. On a Roman Inscribed Tombstone found in Carlisle, &c. By R. S. Ferguson. 127
     6. On the Discovery of Five Roman Milestones, near Chesterholm. By J. C. Bruce. 130
Embleton, Dennis: Unde derivatur Corstopitum? 137
Adamson, E. H.: Henry Bourne, the Historian of Newcastle. 147
Bruce, J. C.: A few Jottings respecting some of the Early Members of the Society. 155
Low, J. L.: Whittonstall Church. 180
Low, J. L.: Coldingham. 186
Philipson, John: Roman Horse Trappings compared with Modern Examples, with special reference to Roman Bronzes discovered at Cilurnum and South Shields. 204
Heslop, R. Oliver: On the names Corstopitum and Colechester. 216
Clephan, James: William London, Newcastle Bookseller. 227
Clephan, James: Coal-Mining in Old Gateshead – Explosion in "The Stony Flatt." 229
Newly Discovered Roman Inscriptions:
     1. On a Small Altar from Magna. By J. C. Bruce. 232
     2. On an Altar at South Shields. By J. C. Bruce. 233
     2a. On the Fragment of a Slab from Whitley Castle. By J. C. Bruce. 235
     2b. Note on an Inscribed Votive Ring from Cilurnum. 235
Hooppell, R. E.: The Town Wall of Newcastle in Pandon Dene. 236
Bates, Cadwallader J.: Heddon-on-the-Wall: The Church and Parish. 240
---: Index. 295

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