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2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 9, 1882

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Clephan, James: William Hutchinson, Merchant Adventurer, his Life and Times. 1
Clayton, John: Observations on Centurial Stones found on the Roman Wall, Northumberland and Cumberland. 22
Clayton, John: Further Observations on Centurial Stones. 37
Clephan, James: Sergeant Hoskyns and the Wallas Epitaph. 41
Ellison, Ralph Carr: Saxon Names of Certain Roman Roads. 49
Trevelyan, Bart., Sir C. E.: Discovery of Ancient Bronze Implements near Wallington. 52
Johnson, Robert James: The Black Gate. 53
Gregory, John V.: Place-Names of the County of Northumberland, with Reference to the Ancestry of the People. 57
Hodgkin, Thomas: The Pfahlgraben: An Essay towards a Description of the Barrier of the Roman Empire between the Danube and the Rhine. 73
Ellison, Ralph Carr: On the Meaning of the Term "Ala Petriana." 162
Bruce, J. C.: The Newly-Discovered Roman Stone at Hexham. 164
Hooppell, R. E.: On an Altar, with Inscription, recently found at Binchester. 169
Hooppell, R. E.: On a Newly-Discovered Roman Inscription at Chester-le-Street. 173
Clephan, James: Some Old Forms of Law: An Historical Sketch. 180
Hooppell, R. E.: On the Results of the Exploration of the Roman Station of Vinovium, in the Year 1878. 191
Robinson, T. W. U.: On Two Salt Spoons formerly belonging to the "Beef-steak Society." 202
Holmes, Sheriton: An Account of Recent Investigations at the Ruined Chapel of North Gosforth. 205
Clayton, John: Recent Discoveries at Cawfields, on the Roman Wall. 211
Bruce, J. C.: On a Roman Milestone found at Rhiwiau, in North Wales. 221
Bruce, J. C.: On another Roman Milestone found in North Wales. 231
Bruce, J. C.: An Exploratory Turret of the Roman Wall. 235
Clephan, James: Old Tyne Bridge and its Cellars. 237
---: Report. 241
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. 243
---: Honorary Members. 244
---: Ordinary Members. 245
---: Officers for 1883. 251
---: Index. 253

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