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2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 8, 1880

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---: New statutes [of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne]. v
Clayton, John: Description of Roman Remains discovered near to Procolitia, a Station on the Wall of Hadrian. 1
Clayton, John: Continuation of Description of, and Remarks on, the Temple of Coventina and its Contents. 20
Bruce, J. C.: Observations ... in presenting the subsequent Paper. 40
Roach Smith, C.: Numerical View of Coins found in Well. 43
Hooppell, R. E.: On the probable significations of the Names of the Roman Stations, "per lineam valli," and on the probable positions of those hitherto unidentified. 50
Blair, Robert: Roman Leaden Seals. 57
Hall, G. Rome: Notes on Modern Survivals of Ancient Well-Worship in North Tynedale, in connection with the Well of Coventina, at Carrawbrough (Procolitia), on the Roman Wall. 60
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: Coventina. 88
Clephan, James: The Manufacture of Glass in England. Rise of the Art on the Tyne. 108
Bruce, J. C.: A Roman Burial at York. 127
---: Report for 1878. 133
Beal, Samuel: Some Remarks on Mithraic Worship in the Western World. 141
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Western Stations. 154
Galloway, Robert L.: An Account of some of the Earliest Records connected with the Working of Coal on the Banks of the River Tyne. 167
Bruce, J. C.: An Account of the Excavation of the South Gateway of the Station of Cilurnum. 211
Clephan, James: Abigail and Timothy Tyzack, and Old Gateshead. 222
Ellison, R. Carr: On Two Inscribed Stones found at Jarrow in 1782. 243
Hooppell, R. E.: On a Votive Tablet, with Inscription, recently found at Binchester. 247
Clayton, John: Discovery of a Hoard of Roman Coins on the Wall of Hadrian. 256
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: Escombe Church. 281
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Northern Stations of the Notitia. 287
---: Index. 293

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