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2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 6, 1865

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---: Routine Business of the Society and minor matters. passim

Meetings and proceedings January-July 1861;
Clayton, John: Roman Horse-Shoe. 3
Turner, Henry, Bruce, J. C., and Carr, Ralph: Corrupt Orthography of Local Names. 5, 11
White, Robert: North American Antiquities. 6
Monkhouse, W.: Inscription on the Font at Bridekirk. 8, 107
Cape, Thomas: The Bridlington Slab. 11
Charlton, Edward: MS. of Gower's Confessio Amantis. 12
Northumberland, Duke of: Andiron found near Kielder. 14
Thompson, Edward: Chichester Cathedral and Bp. Nevil. 14
Hinde, John Hodgson: Stoup from Ebb's Nook. 16
Howard, J. J.: Bookbinding, temp. Henry VIII. 16
Charlton, Edward: Old Recipes. 17
Bruce, J. C.: Excavations at Corbridge. 18
White, Robert: On the Temperament and Appearance of Robert Burns. 22
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: Winston. 24, 62
Clephan, James: Contract for a Private Coach. 26
---: Old Barber's Basin. 28
White, Robert: Jedburgh Flags. 28
Charlton, Edward: Jacobite Relics of 1715 and 1745. 20
Charlton, Edward: Ecclesiastical Vestments. 34
Coulson, William: Linhope Camp. 37
Brockett, W. H.: The Hospitals of Greatham, Gateshead, and Barnardcastle. 38

Meetings and Proceedings, August-December 1861
Charlton, Edward: Gold Ornament found in North Tynedale. 48
Fenwick, John: The Weavers' Tower. 48
White, Robert: Notes of a Tour in Scotland. 49
Bruce, J. C.: Roman Carlisle. 52
---: Haltwhistle and the Roman Wall. 53
Everett, James: Antique Mantlepiece, at Wintringham, near St. Neot's. 56
---: Ancient Chirurgery. 58
Brockett, W. H.: Documents touching Stainton in the Crags. 59
Addison, Fred: The Saxon Inscription at Beckermont. 60
Dunn, J. W.: Warkworth Chancel 62
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: Whickham Church. 63
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Capture of Bp. Beaumont in 1317. 66
White, Robert: A List of Scottish Noblemen and Gentlemen who were killed at Flodden Field. 69
Clayton, John: The Roman Bridge of Cilurnum. 80
Bruce, J. C.: Roman and Etruscan Italy. 86, 90

Meetings and Proceedings January-July 1862
Trevelyan, W. C.: Higham Dykes and Herpath. 88, 89
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Silver Relics, collected by Joseph Garnett. 97
Hinde, John Hodgson: Sheriffs of Northumberland. 98
Trevelyan, W. C.: Inventory of the Goods of William More, Esq. 104
Charlton, Edward: Reverse of the Seal of Dunfermlin Abbey. 106
Ravensworth, Lord: Some Notice of the Corbridge Lanx. 109
Bruce, J. C.: Roman Figure from Carlisle. 115
Swain, George Hutchinson: Scarcity of Coffee in Northumberland. 116
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Prudhoe Castle. 116
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Ovingham. 122

Meetings and Proceedings August-December 1862
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Shackles from Gateshead. 125
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: New Percy Seal. 125, 164
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: The South Postern of the Castle. 126
Charlton, Edward: The Orkney Runes. 127, 184
Everett, James: Salvage from the Melting-Pot. 147
Spoor, Edward: South Transept of St. John's Church. 148
Hall, Geo. Rome: Early Remains at Birtley, near Hexham. 148
Charlton, Edward: Ancient Breviary. 149
Milburn, Edward: Bellingham Deeds. 151
Bruce, J. C.: Altars to Antenociticus Discovered at Condercum. 153, 161
Clephan, James: The Lesley Letter. 156
France, Jr., Henry: Pringle the Ejected Minister. 162
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Nag's Head Inn, Newcastle. 163
Clephan, James: Additional Observations on the Nag's Head Inn. 165

Meetings and Proceedings January-December 1863
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: British Remains from Allendale and Weardale. 168
Rendal, George Wigtwicht: The Benwell Discoveries. 169
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: The Ogle Shrine. 174
Hinde, John Hodgson: Notes on the Rev. John Horsley. 174
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Roman Dover. 183
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Roman Walker. 184
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Houghton-le-Spring Church. 186
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Lumley Castle. 188
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Chester-le-Street Church. 188
Stephens, George: The Beckermont Inscription. 191
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Arms of Wycliffe. 192
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Runic Ring from Coquet Island. 195
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Runic Legend from Monkwearmouth. 196
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: The Matfen Umbo. 196
Clayton, John: Find of Roman Coins from Crackenthorpe. 196
Clayton, John: The Benwell Altars. 197
Charlton, Edward: Roman Caricature of Christianity. 198
Clayton, John: Roman Coins Found at Borcovicus. 200
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Works of Prior Castell. 201

Meetings and proceedings January-June 1864
Lovaine, Lord: Lacustrine Settlements in Scotland. 206
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Chantry at Mitford. 212
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Brancepeth Church. 213
Austin, Thomas: The Minstrels' Gallery, Raby Castle. 214
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Warkworth and Alnwick. 217
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Joie Sans Fin. 220
Bruce, J. C.: Mural Notes. 220
Clayton, John: Fibulae from Borcovicus. 225
Hinde, John Hodgson: Early Printing in Newcastle. 228
Spoor, Edward: Roman Stone Found at the White Friars, Newcastle. 231
Charlton, Edward: Abstract of Will of Christopher Milbourne. 232
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Coins of Aelfred and Burgred found at Gainford. 233
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: The Earliest Coins of Durham. 234
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Notice of a Find of Coins at the Shaw Moss, near Hesleyside. 238
---: Index. 245

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