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2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 3, 1859

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---: Annual report and other business papers [including list of members]. i
Ravensworth, Lord: Inscriptions in Chillingham Castle. 1
Fenwick, J. Clerevaulx: A few Remarks upon Bagpipes and Pipe Music. 9
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Chantry and Forfeited Lands in Yorkshire and Durham. 20
Trueman, Wm.: The Order of the Mayor and Aldermen of Newcastle to the Company of Masons. 26
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Sheraton. 27
Hinde, John Hodgson: Letters from Philip de Ulecote. 29
Trevelyan, W. C.: Will of Lady Julia Blackett. 31
Featherstonhaugh, W.: Saxon Sculpture at St. Andrew's, Bywell. 33
Dunn, J. W.: Ancient Sepulchral Remains at Amble. 36
---: Proceedings of the Society [February to April, 1858]. 39
Hinde, John Hodgson: On the Original Site and Progressive Extension of Newcastle-upon Tyne, with an Estimate of its Population at various Periods. 53
Charlton, Edward: On an Inscription in Runic Letters in Carlisle Cathedral. 65
---: The Markets, Fairs, and Mills of Morpeth. From Mr. Fenwick's Radclyffe Collections. 69
---: Discontinuance of an Action against a Recusant. From Mr. Fenwick's Radclyffe Collections. 71
---: The Last Days of Hexham Priory. From the State Papers. 72
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Stainton in the Street. 73
---: Bishop Cosin's Correspondence relative to John Harrison of Scarborough. From J. B. Taylor's MSS. 104
Hinde, John Hodgson: On the Early Municipal History of Newcastle. 105
---: A New Modell for the Conversion of the Infidell Terms of the Law, 1652. From J. J. Wilkinson's MSS. 115
---: Proceedings of the Society [May to July, 1858]. 117
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: The Church of Guyzance. 129
Eyre, Charles: Letters of Fraternity Granted by the Friars Minor to John Wormlay and Wife. 146
Charlton, Edward: Notes on North Tynedale in 1279. 147
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Gateshead Presentments to the Quarter Sessions. 158
Hinde, J. Hodgson: Documents relating to Religious Foundations in Northumberland. 159
---: Proceedings of the Society [July to October, 1858]. 161
Hinde, J. Hodgson: Pro Mercatoribus Novi Castri super Tynam, 29 Hen. VI. 183
[Longstaffe, W. H. D.]: Some Notes on Widdrington and the Widdringtons. 189
White, Robert: The Battle of Flodden. 197
Hinde, J. Hodgson: The Old North Road. 237
---: Proceedings of the Society [November, 1858 to January, 1859]. 256
Charlton, Edward: The Inquisition after the Death of Adam de Charlton of Tyndale. 261
Featherstonhaugh, W.: Notes on St. Edmund's Church, Edmundbyers. 263
Clayton, John: The Thorngrafton Find. 269
Raine, Sr., James: Inscriptions in Chillingham Castle. 277
---: Index. 289

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