The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 25, 1904

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---: List of Plates and other Illustrations. v
---: Contributions of Photographs, etc. vii
---: Annual Reports. ix, xxxiii
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheets, etc. xvii, xxxix
---: Gifts to Museum. xx, xliii
---: Council and Officers. xxi, xliv
---: Honorary Members. xxii, xlv
---: Ordinary Members. xxiii, xlvi
---: Societies exchanging publications. xxxi, liv
---: Amendment of Statute. lvi
Clephan, R. Coltman: Early Ordnance in Europe. 1
Brown, William: Local Muniments. 62
Longstaffe, W. H. D.: 'Dagger Money.' An unfinished paper. 83
Heslop, R. Oliver: Notes on a recent Examination of certain Structural Features of the Great Tower, or Keep, of the Castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 91
Hornby, Bishop: Ancient Deeds relating to Gunnerton. 106
Adamson, Horatio A.: The Villiers Family as Governors of Tynemouth Castle and Owners of the Lighthouse. 111
Carr, Sidney Story: Early Monumental Remains of Tynemouth. 118
Discovery of Roman Inscriptions, etc., at Newcastle.
     1. A Roman Altar to Oceanus, and an Altar Base, from the Tyne.
              a. By R. Oliver Heslop. 133
              b. By R. Mowat. 136
     2. An Inscribed Slab, mentioning the 2, 6 and 20 legions from the Tyne.
              a. By R. Oliver Heslop. 139
              b. By F. J. Haverfield. 142
     3. Two Stone Coffins of the Roman period, and an Urn. By F. W. Rich. 147
Hodgson, J. Crawford: The Sources of the Testa de Nevill. 150
Culley, Matthew: Coupland Castle. 168
Walker, J.: The Midsummer Bonfire at Whalton. 181
Obituary notices:
    1. Haverfield, F. J.: Theodor Mommsen, Honorary Member. 185
    2. Fallow, T. M.: Wilfred Joseph Cripps, C.B., F.S.A. 188
Welford, Richard: Deed Poll of Property in Newcastle. 192
Excavations on the line of the Roman Wall in Northumberland:
     1. The Roman Camp at Housesteads. By R. C. Bosanquet. 193
     2. Balance sheet, etc. 301
---: Index. 306

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