The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 21, 1899

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---: List of Plates, Woodcuts, etc. vi
---: Contributions of Photographs, etc. vii
---: Errata, etc. viii
---: Annual Report for 1898. ix
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. xiii
---: Donations to Museum during 1898. xvi
---: Council and Officers for 1899. xvii
---: Honorary Members. xviii
---: Ordinary Members. xix
---: Societies with which Publications are exchanged. xxvii
---: Statutes. xxix
---: Certificate of Registration. xxxv
---: Exhibition of Silver Plate of Newcastle Manufacture, in the Blackgate Museum, Newcastle, on May 19, 20, and 21, 1897. 1
Terry, C. S.: The Visits of Charles I. to Newcastle in 1633, 1639, 1641, and 1646–7, with some Notes of Contemporary Local History. 83
Terry, C. S.: The Scottish Campaign in Northumberland and Durham between January and June, 1644. 146
Terry, C. S.: The Siege of Newcastle by the Scots in 1644. 180
Savage, H. E.: Northumbria in the Eighth Century. 259
Welford, Richard: Obituary Notice of the Rev. E. H. Adamson, M.A., a Vice-president of the Society. 281
Hodgkin, Thomas: The Caervoran Inscription in praise of the Syrian Goddess. 289
Knowles, W. H.: The Bastle House at Doddington, Northumberland. 293
---: Index. 302

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