The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 19, 1898

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---: Contributions of Photographs, etc. vi
---: Errata, etc., to colume xviii. 92
---: List of Plates, Woodcuts, etc. vii
---: Annual Report for 1896, including Reports of Curators and Treasurer. ix, xi, xiv
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. xii
---: Donations to Museum during year 1896. xv
---: Council and Officers of the Society, 1897. xvii
---: Honorary Members. xviii
---: Ordinary Members. xix
---: Societies exchanging Publications. xxvii
Hodgson, J. Crawford: Notices of the Family of Cramlington of Cramlington and Newsham. 1
Adamson, C. E.: The Vicars of Haltwhistle. 14
Knowles, W. H.: The 'Camera' of Adam de Jesmond, Newcastle, popularly called 'King John's Palace'. 29
Bailey, Johnson: Book of Easter Offerings, Small Tithes, and 'Outen' Tithes of the Parish of Ryton. 39
Savage, H. E.: Abbess Hilda's First Religious House. 47
          Appendix: The Boundary Between Bernicia and Deira. 75
Hodgson, J. F.: The Episcopal Chapel of Auckland Castle (supplement). 89
Adamson, H. A.: Gleanings from the Records of the Parish of Tynemouth. 93
Bates, Cadwallader J.: The Distance-Slabs of the Antonine Wall, and the Roman Names of its Fortresses. 105
Blumer, G. Alder: The Washington and Colville Families. 115
Phillips, Maberly: Pedigree of the Family of Dove of Tynemouth, Cullercoats, and Whitley. 125
Welford, Richard: Obituary Notice of the Rev. James Raine. 126
Adamson, E. H.: Sir Charles Brown. 133
Holmes, Sheriton: The late John Crosse Brooks, V.P. 143
Bates, Cadwallader J.: The Beornicas and the Deras. 147
Bates, Cadwallader J.: The Home of St. Cuthbert's Boyhood. 155
Phillips, Maberly: The Escape of Two French Prisoners of War from Jedburgh in 1813. 160
Knowles, W. H.: The Vicar's Pele, Corbridge. 171
Haverfield, F. J.: A New Roman Inscription at Chesters. 179
Bates, Cadwallader J.: Winwedfield: The Overthrow of English Paganism. 182
Phillips, Maberly: A Pre-Conquest Cross Shaft at Nunnykirk, Northumberland. 192
Adamson, Horatio A.: Tynemouth Parish Registers. 197
'Dargs and Day Workes.'
    1. By the Earl Percy. 217
    2. By F. W. Dendy. 220
Welford, Richard: Westmorland Place, Newcastle. 223
Knowles, W. H.: The Ogle Monument in Bothal Church, Northumberland. 243
Tomlinson, W. W.: Chopwell Woods. 255
Haverfield, F. J.: Newly discovered Roman Inscriptions.
    1. Roman Altars, etc., at Aesica (Great Chesters). 268
    2. Roman Altar at South Shields. 273
---: Index. 275

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