The Society's seal and three photographs

2nd series, 1857-1904

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 10, 1885

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---: Annual Report, 1884. i
---: Treasurer's Account. v
---: Statutes of the Society. vii
---: List of Officers. xi
---: List of Members. xii
---: List of Societies which exchange Publications. xx
---: List of Plates. xxiii
---: Contributions of Plates. xxiv
Bruce, J. C.: The Three Bridges over the Tyne at Newcastle. 1
Hall, G. R.: An Account of the Gunnar Peak Camp, North Tynedale, and of Excavations in the Ancient Circular and other Dwellings. 12
Bates, Cadwallader J.: The Barony and Castle of Langley. 38
Bruce, J. C.: Notes on the recently discovered Turrets on the Walltown Crags. 57
Shand, W.: Memoir of Dr. Thomlinson. 59
Adamson, E. H.: Some further Notices of Dr. Thomlinson, the founder of the Thomlinson Library. 80
Stephens, G.: On the Shaft of an Anglic Cross discovered in the Church at Chester-le-Street. 88
Heslop, R. O.: The Permian People of North Durham. 93
Middleton, Jr., R. M.: On some Vestiges of Roman Occupation between West Hartlepool and Seaton Carew. 103
Leader, J. D.: Notes on a Roman Knife found at Cilurnum. 115
Welford, Richard: Pitt Clubs. 121
Clephan, James: First anniversary of the Society, 1814; the Vellum Scroll and the Steamboat. 126
Watkin, W. T.: Remarks upon Groups of Roman Milestones. 130
Clayton, John: On a Roman Signet Ring, representing a Chariot Race, found at Cilurnum. 133
Clephan, James: John Widdrington of "The Old Bank," and Carlyle of Inveresk. 138
Clayton, John, Watkin, W. T., Hübner, E., and Stephens, G.: On the discovery of Roman Inscribed Altars, etc., at Housesteads, November, 1883. 148
Gregory, J. V.: Place-Names of the County of Durham. 173
Middleton, Jr., R. M.: On Yoden, a Mediaeval Site between Castle Eden and Easington. 186
Middleton, Jr., R. M.: On a Leaden Tobacco-Stopper found at Castle Eden. 188
Middleton, Jr., R. M.: On an Armlet of Fine Gold, found at Shotton. 189
Woodman, William: On a Leaden Seal of Henry IV., found at Catchburn, near Morpeth. 191
Bruce, J. C.: Notes on a Mediaeval Grave Cover from Alnwick Abbey. 193
Boyle, J. R.: On the Monastery and Church of St. Paul, Jarrow. 195
Boyle, J. R.: On the Windows in the South Wall of the Chancel of St. Paul's Church, Jarrow. 217
Moffatt, James G.: Pre-Historic Grave from the Lilburn Hill Farm, on the Lilburn Tower estate. 220
Bruce, J. C.: On the Recent Discoveries in the Roman Camp on the Lawe, South Shields. 223
Bruce, J. C.: Later Discoveries at the Lawe, South Shields. 311
---: Index. 319

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