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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 37, 2008

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Oswald, Alastair, Stewart Ainsworth and Trevor Pearson: Iron Age Hillforts in their Landscape Contexts: a Fresh Look at the Field Evidence in the Northumberland Cheviots. 1–45
Hodgson, N.: The Development of the Roman Site at Corbridge from the First to Third Centuries A.D. 47–92
Heywood, Brenda, and David J. Breeze: Excavations at Vallum Causeways on Hadrian's Wall in the 1950s. 93–126
Roberts, Brian K.: The Land of Werhale – Landscapes of Bede. 127–59
Holford, M. L.: Office-Holders and Political Society in the Liberty of Durham, 1241–1345 (Part 2). 161–82
Turner, Hilary L.: Tapestry sections depicting the Prodigal Son: how safe is an attribution to Mr Sheldon's tapestry venture at Barcheston? 183–96
Osler, Adrian G.: The Curious Case of the Grace Darling Coble: its appraisal and context. 197–219
Addyman, John, and Bill Fawcett: Thomas Elliot Harrison: North Eastern Railway Engineer. 221–35
Book Reviews:
Breeze, David J.: Shannon, Murus ille famosus (that famous wall): Depictions and Descriptions of Hadrian's Wall before Camden. 237–8
Meikle, Maureen M.: Austin et al., Acts of Perception: A Study of Barnard Castle in Teesdale. 238
Allen, Richard C.: Oldroyd, Estates, Enterprise and Investment at the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution: Estate Management and Accounting in the North-East of England, c.1700–1780. 239–40
Bailey, Richard N.: Book Notices, 2008. 241–2
McCombie, Grace, and Richard N. Bailey: Obituary, 2008: Enid Hart, 1926–2007. 243
Fern, Roger: Index. 245

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