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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 36, 2007

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Breeze, David J.: The Making of the Handbook to the Roman Wall. 1–10
Gates, Tim, and Richard Hewitt: Some Newly Identified Roman Temporary Camps in Northumberland and their Relation to the Devil's Causeway. 11–30
Hale, Duncan: Archaeology on the Otterburn Training Area, 2002–2005. 31–77
Mould, Quita and Alan Vince: New thoughts on the chronology of Saddler Street, Durham: pottery, leatherwork and some implications. 79–92
Holford, M. L.: Office-Holders and Political Society in the Liberty of Durham, 1241–1345 (Part 1). 93–110
Nolan, John: Gateshead: An Archaeological and Historical Overview. 111–23
Nolan, John, and Jenny Vaughan: Excavations at Oakwellgate, Gateshead, 1999. 125–249
Vaughan, Jenny: Early Post-medieval Ceramics on Tyneside: a Summary and Discussion Regarding Aspects of Chronology and Interpretation. 251–5
Fairbairn, R. A., and A. F. Robertson: Whitley Shielings in Gilderdale near Alston. 257–66
Plackett, Robin: Underwater Demolition of Wrecks, Tynemouth, 1673. 267–74
Wills, Margaret: William Newton – an Elusive Practitioner. 275–308
Gailiunas, Paul: The Hawks Family and the Progress of Church Music on Tyneside before the Oxford Movement. 309–23
Osler, Adrian G.: Aspects of the Tyne's Overseas Trade as Evidenced by the Customs Bills of Entry, 1861–1880. 325–39
Rennison, R. W.: The Mason Who Became a Baronet: the Work in North East England of Sir Walter Scott (1826–1910), Contractor. 341–62
Sherlock, David: A Roman Folding Spoon from Wallsend. 363–5
Bishop, M. C.: Nodding Scholars, or how an Old Tile-Stamp from Carlisle became a 'New' Tile-Stamp from Corbridge. 366
Breeze, Andrew: Celtic Philology and the River Bowmont. 367–8
Book Reviews:
Bidwell, Paul: Breeze, J. Collingwood Bruce's Handbook to the Roman Wall, 14th ed. 369
Breeze, David J.: Hill, The Construction of Hadrian's Wall. 371–2
Welfare, Adam, and Roger Miket: Oswald, Ainsworth and Pearson, Hillforts: Prehistoric Strongholds of Northumberland National Park. 372–6
Lovie, David: Faulkner, Beacock and Jones, Newcastle and Gateshead: Architecture and Heritage. 376–7
Ashton, Elizabeth: Prahms, Newcastle Ragged and Industrial School. 378
Bailey, Richard N.: Book Notices, 2007. 379–80
Fraser, Constance M.: John Mansell Fleming, 1914–2006. 381–2
Fern, Roger: Index. 383

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