The Society's seal and three photographs

3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 19, 1922

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List of plates and other illustrations. vi
Pedigree. vii
Contributions of photographs, etc. vii
Report of Council for 1921. viii
Council and Officers. ix
Honorary and Ordinary Members. xxi
Societies exchanging publications. xxxii

Hodgson, J. C.: The Company of Saddlers of Newcastle. 1

Notes on old glass in St. John’s Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
    1. Bertram, R. J. S. 35
    2. Thompson, A. H.: The inscriptions. 41
    3. Hunter Blair, C. H.: The shields. 43

Oxberry, J.: Obituary notice of the Rev. Cuthbert Edward Adamson, a vice president. 51

Hodgson, J. C.: The Lordship, the Manor and the Township of Beanley. 58

Hodgson, J. C.: The Hospital of St. Lazarus and the Manor of Harehope. 76

Hunter Blair, C. H.: The armorial evidence for the descent of Roger Thornton and of his wife Agnes. 83

Knowles, W. H.: Benwell Tower, Newcastle. 89

Dendy, F. W.: Robert Coltman Clephan, F.S.A., a vice president: an obituary notice. 99

Hodges, C. C.: Some points in the architectural history of Tynemouth Priory Church. 105

Spain, G. R. B.: The Black Dyke in Northumberland: an account of the earthwork. 121

 Hunter  Blair, C. H.: The Seals of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 171

On an Altar dedicated to the Alaisiagae.
    1. Bosanquet, R. C. 185
    2. Siebs, Theodor (of Breslau). 192
    3. Collinson, W. E. (of Liverpool University). 197

Bosanquet, R. C.: A newly discovered Centurial Stone at Housesteads. 198

Oliver, A. M.: Deeds formerly in St. Andrew's vestry, Newcastle. 200

Thompson, A. Hamilton: On a Minute-book and Papers formerly belonging to the Mercers' Company; and 'Ordinary' of the Goldsmiths' Company; both of Durham city. 210
Index. 254

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