The Society's seal and three photographs

3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 13, 1916

Click here for a digitised copy of this volume, which is available on free, open access on the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website.

Hodgson, J. C.: Notices of ruined towers, chapels, etc., in Northumberland, circa 1715. 1

Welford, R.: Local muniments (Fifth series). 17

Hodgson, Rev. J. F.: Three chapters on as many bruised and battered relics, monumental, ecclesiastical, and heraldic, in the Tees valley, County Durham. 61

Haverfield, F. J.: Modius Claytonensis: the Roman bronze measure from Carvoran. 85

Gee, Rev. Henry: A sixteenth century journey to Durham. 103

Greenwell, Rev. W., Hunter Blair, C. H.: Durham seals: catalogue. 117

Welford, R.: Obituary of Richard Oliver Heslop. 156

Hodgson, J. C.: William Hutchinson, F.S.A.: the historian of three northern counties. 166

Bradshaw, F.: The Lay Subsidy Roll of 1296: Northumberland at the end of the thirteenth century. 186.


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