The Society's seal and three photographs

3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 6, 1910

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List of plates and other illustrations. vi
Contributions of photographs, etc. viii
Additions, corrections, etc. viii
Annual Report for 1909. ix
Treasurer's balance sheet and balance sheet. xiv, xv
Gifts to Museum. xviii
Gifts of books, etc. xx
Council and Officers. xxii
Honorary members. xxiii
Ordinary members. xxiii
Societies exchanging publications. xxxix
Statutes. xxxvi

Hodgson, J. C.: On the medieval and later owners of Eslington. 1

Hodgson, J. C.: A pedigree of Widdrington of Cheeseburn Grange. 34

Dendy, F. W.: Extracts from the De Banco Rolls relating to Northumberland: 1308 to 1558. 41

Hunter Blair, C.: The armorials of Northumberland: an index and an ordinary. 89

Knowles, W. H.: The Church of the Holy Cross, Wallsend, Northumberland. 191

Forster, R. H. and Knowles, W. H.: Corstopitum: report of the excavations of 1909. 205

Hodgson, J. C.: Obituary Notice of the Rev. J. Walker, Hon. Canon of Newcastle and rector of Whalton, Northumberland. 273

Index. 275
List of Publications. 301

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