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3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 5, 1909

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Hodgkin, T.: Municipal contests in Newcastle, 1342-1345. 1

Hodgson, J. Crawford: An attempt to elucidate the descents of the family of Alder of Prendwick. 16

Craster, H. H. E. (ed.): The Woodman charters. 40

Welford, R.: Local muniments. 55

Carr, Sidney Story: The Ryton brasses with some account of Archdeacon Bunny and his family. 147

Gibson, J. Pattison and Simpson, F. Gerald:
1. An altar from Aesica 158;
2. A centurial stone from Cockmount hill. 166

Robson, J. Stephenson: Some account of the Incorporated Company of Free Joiners of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 170

Welford, R.: Art and archaeology: the three Richardsons. 197

Welford, R.: Obituary notices:
    Horatio A. Adamson. 203
    Robert Richardson Dees. 208

Gibson, J. Pattison and Simpson, F. Gerald: The Roman fort on the Stanegate at Haltwhistle Burn. 213

Knowles, W. H.: The Gatehouse and Barbican at Alnwick Castle, with an account of the recent discoveries. 286

Knowles, W. H., Forster, R. H., Craster, H. H. E., and Haverfield, F.: Corstopitum: Report on the excavations in 1908. 305

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