The Society's seal and three photographs

3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 3, 1907

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List of plates and other illustrations. vi
Contributions of photographs, etc. vii
Corrections. viii
Annual Report. ix
Treasurer's balance sheet, etc. xviii
Subscribers to Blackgate fund. xxii
Gifts to Museum. xxiii
Council and Officers. xxv
Honorary members. xxvi
Ordinary members. xxvi
Societies exchanging publications. xxxvi
Statutes. xxxix, xlv, xlvi

Welford, Richard: Early Newcastle Typography, 1639-1800. 1

Welford, R.: Art and Archaeology: The Three Richardsons. 135

Bradshaw, F.: The Black Death in the Palatinate of Durham. 152

Woolley, C. Leonard: Corstopitum: Provisional Report of the Excavations in 1906. 161

Craster, H. H. E.: An Unpublished Northumbrian Hundred Roll. 187

Bruce, Sir Gainsford: The English Expedition into Scotland in 1542. 191

Mowat, R.: The Capricorn of the Second Legion, surnamed Augusta, and the Goat of the British 23rd Regiment (Royal Welsh Fusiliers). 213

Hunter Blair, C. H.: A Book of North Country Arms of the Sixteenth Century, with introduction and notes. 229

Hodgson, J. Crawford: Proofs of Age of Heirs of Estates in Northumberland (continued from 2 Ser., volume xxiv, pp. 126 and 127). 297

Ramsey, R. W.: Kepier Grammar School, Houghton-le-Spring, and its Library. 306

Tomlinson, W. W.: Obituary Notice of the late Mr. George Irving. 335

Index. 338
Publications of the Society. 379

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