The Society's seal and three photographs

3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 2, 1906

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List of plates and other illustrations. vii
Contributions of photographs, etc. viii
Annual Reports. ix, xx
Treasurer's balance sheets, etc. xiv, xxvii
Gifts to Museum. xviii, xxxi
Council and officers. xxxii
Honorary members. xxxiii
Ordinary members. xxxiii
Societies exchanging publications. xliii
Statutes. xlv

Dendy, F. W.: Purchases at Corbridge Fair in 1298. 1

Dendy, F. W.: The Killingworths of Killingworth. 10

Phillips, Maberly: John Lomax ejected from Wooler, Northumberland in 1662, with some account of his family. 33

Heslop, R. Oliver: Documents relating to an incident at Newcastle after the battle of Flodden. 62

Hodgson, J. Crawford: The seventeenth and eighteenth century owners of Bewick. 72

Hodgson, J. Crawford: Additional notices of the Walk-mill in the parish of Warkworth. 87

Allison, T. M.: The flail and its varieties. 94

Gibson, J. Pattison: Some notes on prehistoric burials on Tyneside and the discovery of two cists of the Bronze period in Dilston Park. 126

Hodgson, J. Crawford: The ancestry of Admiral Lord Collingwood. 150

Woodman, William: The Presbyterian Church at Morpeth. 163

Craster, H. H. E.: The murder of William Deleval in Northumberland in 1618. 168

Craster. H. H. E.: A Northern roll of arms. 173

Obituary notices:

    Hodgkin, T.: Charles James Spence. 179
    Welford, R.: John Vessey Gregory. 182
    Welford, R.: Charles Bertie Pulleine Bosanquet. 185

Index. 189
Publications of the Society, etc. 214

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