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3rd Series, 1904-1924

Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd Series, Vol. 1, 1904

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This volume was a monograph, by Dendy, F. W.: An account of Jesmond

List of Illustrations. vii

Additions and Corrections. viii

Preface. ix

The township:

    Situation and extent. 1
    Streams, roads, and footpaths. 7
    Minerals and coal workings. 8
    Prehistoric remains. 14
    The name of Jesmond. 18

The common fields. 20

The manor and its devolution:

    The entire manor. 30
    Agnes Emeldon’s third part. 65
    Matilda Emeldon’s third part. 78
    Jane Emeldon’s third part. 94
    Summary of the manor title. 111

Notes on the arms of the Lords of Jesmond.  113

St. Mary’s Chapel. 130

Detached freeholds. 148

Modern developments. 169

Jesmond Dene Park. 187

Concluding remarks. 190

Index. 195

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