The Society's seal and three photographs

4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 2, 1926

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---: List of plates and other illustrations. x
---: Contributions of drawings, photographs, etc. x
---: List of Council and Officers for 1926. xiii
---: List of members as at 1st June, 1926. xiv
---: List of societies exchanging publications. xxx
Knowles, W. H.: The Castle, Newcastle upon Tyne. 1-51
Collingwood, R. G.: Roman Inscriptions and Sculptures belonging to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 52-124
Gibson, John: Featherstone Castle. 125-131
Buckley, Francis: Newspaper Advertisements relating to the Goldsmiths of Newcastle upon Tyne of the eighteenth century. 132-141
Whitwell, Robert J., and Johnson, Charles: The "Newcastle" Galley. 142-196
Hull, M. R.: Excavations at Aesica, 1925 – Interim Report. 197-202
Book reviews
Brewis, Parker: Buckley, Francis, A History of Old English Glass. 203-204
Anderton, B.: Hughes, A. D., A History of Durham Cathedral Library. 204-205
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Barnard, Francis Pierrepoint (ed.), Edward IV’s French expedition of 1475. 206-209
Dendy, F. W.: Oliver, Arthur Maule, Early Deeds relating to Newcastle upon Tyne. 210-213
Dorling, E. E.: Hunter Blair, C. H. (intro.), Newcastle upon Tyne Records Series vol. IV: Northumbrian Monuments and vol. V: Durham Monuments. 213-218
Bertram, Robert: Millar, Eric George (intro.), The Lindisfarne Gospels. 218-220
---: Index. 221-233
---: List of the Society's Publications. 235-237
---: Notices. 237-238
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