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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 6, 1929

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---: List of plates and other illustrations. x
---: Contributions of drawings, plans, and photographs. xi
---: List of council and officers for 1929. xiii
---: List of members as at 1st June, 1929. xiv
---: List of societies exchanging publications. xxxi
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Mediaeval effigies in the county of Durham. 1-51
Dodds, Madeleine Hope: The little book of the birth of St. Cuthbert. 52-94
Honeyman, H. L., Bertram, Robert, and Hunter Blair, C. H.: The tile pavements at Newminster abbey. 95-115
Wake, Thomas: Thomas Bewick: A centenary appreciation. 116-129
Bosanquet, R. C.: Dr. John Lingard’s notes on the Roman wall. 130-162
Brewis, Parker: Notes on Hadrian’s first and second boundaries in Britain. 163-174
Mawer, Allen: The river-names of Northumberland and Durham. 175-182
Oxberry, John: A memoir of Sidney Story Carr. 183-186
Book reviews
Honeyman, H. L.: Mackenzie, W. Mackay, The Mediaeval Castle in Scotland (Rhind Lectures in Archaeology 1925-26). 187-191
Honeyman, H. L.: Hill, Frederick, Local records of Washington. Vol I, History of Washington Parish Church. 191-192
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Victoria History of the Counties of England: A History of the County of Durham, Vol III. 193-196
Brewis, Parker and Cowen, J. D.: An encrusted cinerary urn of the Bronze Age. 197-198
Hunter Blair, C. H.: A mediaeval coffin patten. 199-200
---: Index. 201-212
---: List of the Society's Publications. 213-216
---: Notices. 216

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