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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 7, 1930

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---: List of plates. viii
---: Illustrations in the text. ix
---: Contributions of drawings and photographs. x
---: List of council and officers for 1930. xi
---: List of members as at 1st May, 1930. xii
---: List of societies exchanging publications. xxxi
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Mediaeval effigies in Northumberland. 1-32
Craster, H. H. E.: A contemporary record of the pontificate of Ranulf Flambard. 33-56
Buckley, Francis: The watch and clock makers of Northumberland and Durham of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries recorded in newspapers, directories, etc. 57-67
Radcliffe, Alan Fenwick: Roger Bertram’s lands in Brenkley and Benwell. 68-76
Dendy, Frederick Walter: A memoir of the late Herbert Maxwell Wood. 77-80
---: A second calendar of Greenwell deeds. 81-114
Newbigin, Edward Richmond: A memoir of the late David Dippie Dixon. 115-118
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Prior Leschman’s chantry chapel in Hexham priory church. 119-125
Spain, G. R. B.: The treasure vault of the Roman fort at Benwell. 126-130
Charlton, George V. B.: The Northumbrian bag-pipes. 131-142
Birley, E. B.: Excavations on Hadrian's wall west of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1929. 143-174
Whiting, C. E.: A samian bowl in the possession of the University of Durham. 175-178
Dendy, F. W.: A memoir of the late Joseph Oswald. 179-183
Brewis, Parker: A gold fede-ring brooch. 184-185
Book review
Honeyman, H. L.: Bosanquet, Rosalie E. (ed.): In These Troublesome Times. The Cambo Women’s Institute Book of 1922. 186-187
---: Index. 189-215
---: List of the society's publications. 217-219
---: Notices. 220

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