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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 9, 1932

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in the text. x
---: Contributions of drawings, plans, and photographs. xi
---: List of council and officers for 1932. xiii
---: List of members as at 1st May, 1932. xiv
---: List of societies exchanging publications. xxxiv
Bosanquet, R. C.: Cavaliers and Covenanters: The Crookham affray of 1678. 1-49
Newbigin, E. R.: Notes on a series of unrecorded inscribed rocks at Lordenshaws. 50-68
Askew, G.: The origins of the Northumbrian pipes. 68-83
Childe, V. Gordon: The Danish neolithic pottery from the coast of Durham. 84-88
Burn, Betty: The Thomas James Bell collection of coins, with some notes on points of interest. 89-95
Honeyman, H. L. and Wake, T.: The cathedral church of St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne. 96-193
Reavell, G.: Warkworth castle. 194-197
Brewis, Parker: Conjectural construction of turret no. 18a on Hadrian’s wall. 198-204
Birley, Eric: A new Roman inscription and a note on the garrisoning of the wall. 205-215
Birley, Eric: Excavations at Chesterholm-Vindolanda, 1931. 216-221
Birley, Eric, Charlton, John, and Hedley, W. Percy: Excavations at Housesteads in 1931. 222-237
Oxberry, John: Memoir of Charles Clement Hodges. 238-245
Cowen, J. D.: The Allen crosier. 246-254
Birley, Eric, Brewis, Parker, and Simpson, F. G.: Excavations on Hadrian’s wall between Heddon-on-the-Wall and North Tyne in 1931. 255-260
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---: Index. 261
---: List of the society's publications. 279
---: Notices. 282

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