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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 10, 1933

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---: List of plates. xi
---: Illustrations in the text. xii
---: Contributions of drawings, plans, and photographs. xiii
---: List of council and officers for 1933. xv
Macdonald, George: John Horsley, scholar and gentleman. 1-57
Bosanquet, R. C.: John Horsley and his times. 58-81
Birley, Eric, Charlton, John, and Hedley, Percy: Excavations at Housesteads in 1932. 82-96
Birley, Eric, Brewis, Parker, and Charlton, John: Report for 1932 of the North of England excavation committee. 97-101
Birley, Eric: Three new inscriptions. 102-108
Spain, G. R. B.: An altar dedicated to Jupiter found in Newcastle upon Tyne. 109-110
Raistrick, A.: Excavation of a cave at Bishop Middleham, Durham. 111-122
Whiting, C. E.: The castle of Durham in the Middle Ages. 123-132
Cordingley, R. A.: Norman decoration in Durham cathedral. 133-139
---: Members of Parliament for Northumberland (October 1258-January 1327). 140-177
Honeyman, H. L.: John Bell’s plan of St. Nicholas church, Newcastle upon Tyne. 178-184
Cowen, J. D.: Two bronze swords from Ewart Park, Wooler. 185-198
Cowen, J. D.: Fragments of a bronze sword in the Black Gate museum. 199-205
Newbigin, A. J. W.: A note on cup-marked rocks. 206-209
Honeyman, H. L.: West Lilburn chapel. 210-223
Book Review
Anderton, Basil : Bosanquet, E. S., The Tale of Athens. 224-225
---: Index. 227-237

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