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4th Series, 1925-1972

 Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 14, 1937

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in the text. xi
---: Contributions of drawings, plans, and photographs. xiii
---: List of council and officers for 1937. xv
Mitcalfe, W. Stanley: The history of the keelmen and their strike in 1822. 1-16
Spain, G. R. B.: The original survey for the Newcastle-Carlisle military road. 17-21
---: Members of Parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne (June 1377-January 1558), for Berwick upon Tweed (1529-1558), and Morpeth (1553-1558). 22-66
Cave, C. J. P.: The roof sculptures of Durham Cathedral. 67-73
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Mitford Castle. 74-94
Hedley, W. Percy: The last days of Corstopitum and the Roman Wall – the coin evidence. 95-102
Richmond, I. A., and McIntyre, James. A new altar to Cocidius and “Rob of Risingham”. 103-109
Wake, Thomas: Isaac Thompson’s plan of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1746. 110-122
Hunter Blair, C. H.: The walls of Newcastle upon Tyne, illustrated from drawings by George Bouchier Richardson. 123-128
Richmond, I. A., and Keeney, G. S.: The Roman works at Chew Green, Coquetdalehead. 129-150
Richmond, I. A., and Simpson, F. G.: The fort on Hadrian’s Wall at Halton. 151-171
Birley, Eric: Fifth report on excavations at Housesteads.172-184
Wright, R. P.: The Stanegate at Chesterholm. 185-193
Wright, R. P.: The Roman road from Bowes to Binchester. 194-204
Craster, H. H. E. and Hadcock, R. N.: Tynemouth Priory. 205-226
Richmond, I. A., and Birley. Eric: Centurial stones from the Vallum west of Denton Burn. 227-242
Oliver, Arthur M.: The family of Muschamp, barons of Wooler. 243-257
Book Reviews
Collingwood, R. G., and Myres, J. N. L.: Roman Britain and the English Settlements. (Ian. A. Richmond). 258
H.M. Office of Works: Official guides to Norham, Dunstanburgh and Warkworth Castles. (Prof A. Hamilton Thompson). 268
---: Index. 271

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