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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 21, 1943

Click here for a digitised copy of this volume, which is available on free, open access on the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website.

---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations and plans in text. xi
---: Contributions of drawings, plans and photographs. xiii
---: Council and officers for 1943. xv
Hunter Blair, C. H.: The sheriffs of Northumberland: Part II. 1-92
Richmond, Ian A. and Wright, R. P.: Stones from a Hadrianic war memorial on Tyneside. 93-120
Levison, Wilhelm: The inscription on the Jarrow cross. 121-126
Richmond, Ian A.: Roman legionaries at Corbridge, their supply-base, temples and religious cults. 127-224
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Judges of assize at Newcastle upon Tyne. 225-238
Bulmer, William: A fragmentary inscription of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus from Corbridge. 239-247
Hunter Blair, C. H.: William Henry Knowles. 248-253
Richmond, Ian A.: Robin George Collingwood. 254-256
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---: Index. 257

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