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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 31, 2002; Special volume on the Roman Fort at Newcastle

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Snape, Margaret, and Bidwell, Paul: Excavations at Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1976-92 and 1995-6: the excavation of the Roman fort. 1–249
---: Preface and acknowledgements. 1–3
---: Introduction and summary. 5–14
---: Pre-fort agriculture and ditches (periods 1-4). 15–24
---: The principia. 25–40
---: The praetorium. 41–7
---: The 'via principalis', the southern end of the via praetoria, and the street to the north of the granaries. 49–55
---: The west granary. 57–66
McMaster, A.: The east granary. 67–75
McMaster, A. (contributions): Buildings in the north-east area. 77–92
---: The northern end of the via praetoria. 93–7
---: The northern defences and extra-mural area. 99–105
Oram, R.: Excavations at the Bridge Hotel, 1995-6. 107–110
---: The fort in the post-Roman period and during the earliest Anglo-Saxon occupation. 111–27
Croom, A. T.: Sculpture. 129–31
Croom, A. T. (contributions): Building material. 133–7
Bidwell, P. T., and Croom, A. T.: The Roman pottery. 139–72
Croom, A. T.: Graffiti. 173
Brickstock, R. J.: The coins. 175–209
Allason-Jones, L.: Small finds. 211–233
Heslop, D.: Querns. 235–7
Huntley, J. P., and Daniell, J. R. G.: The charred plant remains. 239–43
---: Bibliography, 245–9
Bidwell, Paul, and Snape, Margaret: The History and Setting of the Roman Fort at Newcastle. 251–83
Fern, Roger: Index. 285

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