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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 50, 1972

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Burl, H. A. W. and Jones, N.: The excavation of the Three Kings stone circle, Northumberland. 1-14
Burgess, C. B.: Goatscrag: A Bronze Age rock shelter cemetery in north Northumberland. With notes on other rock shelters and crag lines in the region. 15-69
Jobey, G.: Notes on additional early settlements in Northumberland. 71-80
Breeze, D. J.: Excavations at the Roman fort of Carrawburgh, 1967-1969. 81-144
Miket, R. and Maxfield, V.: The excavation of Turret 33B (Coesike). 145-178
Birley, A. R.: Virius Lupus 179-189
Webster, P. V.: Severn Valley ware on Hadrian's Wall. 191-203
Brewster, N. H.: Corbridge: its significance for the study of Rhenish Ware. 205-216
Simpson, G.: Samian pottery and a Roman road at Corbridge. 217-233
Lang, J. T.: Illustrative carving of the Viking period at Sockburn-on-Tees. 235-248
Dixon, P. W.: Shielings and bastles: a reconsideration of some problems. 249-258
Hurst, J. G.: A Wanfried dish from Newcastle. 259-262
Kirby, D.: The Wear navigation and the City of Durham in the eighteenth century. 263-275
Museum Notes
Bailey, R. N.: A carpenter's axe from the College Valley. 277-280
Harrison, L., Owens, M., Burgess, C. B.: New stone axeheads from the Kielder area. 280-282
Henig, M.: The Aesica amulet and its significance. 282-287
Jobey, G.: Early pottery from Dunstanburgh Castle. 287-290
Weyman. J. and Tonge, C. H.: Romano-British burials at Beadnell, Northumberland. 291
Jobey, G.: Some local finds of Neolithic and early Bronze Age stone implements in private possession. 291-294
Shiel, N.: An unpublished intaglio from Corstopitum. 294-295
Book Reviews
Wright, R. P.: Butler, R. M., Soldier and Civilian in Roman Yorkshire.  297-298
Mann, J. C.: Thomas, C., The Early Christian Archaeology of North Britain. 298-300
Cramp, R.: Okasha, E., Hand-list of Anglo Saxon non-Runic Inscriptions. 300-301
---: Index. 303-308

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