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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 49, 1971

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Gillam, J. P., and Tait, J.: The investigation of the commander's house area, on site XI, Corbridge, 1958 to 1970: the structures. 1-28
Cowen. J. D.: A note on the Eastgate hoard. 29-36
Burl, H. A. W.: Two "Scottish" stone circles in Northumberland. 37-51
Tait, J. and Jobey, G.: Romano-British burials at Beadnell, Northumberland. 53-69
Jobey, G.: Excavations at Brough Law and Ingram Hill. 71-93
Charlesworth, D.: Housesteads west ditch and its relationship to Hadrian's Wall. 95-99
Rainbird, J. S.: Recent excavations at Chester-le-Street. 101-108
Simpson, G.: The close of period IA on Hadrian's Wall, and some Gaulish Potters. 109-118
McCord, N. and Jobey, G.: Notes on air reconnaissance in Northumberland and Durham–II. 119-130
Binns, A. M.: Four Laws, 77 NY 905830. 131-134
Hodgson, G. W. I.: Report on the animal remains recovered from the site of the Roman fort at South Shields, County Durham. 135-137
Fraser, C. M. and Emsley, K.: Some early Recorders of Newcastle upon Tyne. 139-151
Rogers, F. W.: Gateshead and the Public Health Act of 1848. 153-186
Lawson, W.: The Newcastle to Carter Bar Road (A696 and A68). 187-209
Miller, E.: A Regency itinerary. 211-213
Museum Notes
Henig, M.: The huntsman intaglio from South Shields. 215-230
Wild, J. P.: The South Shields heddle. 230-231
Hudleston, C. R.: William Percy Hedley (1902-1970). 233-235
Green, H. S.: An "Irish" projectile point and miniature vessel from Doddington, Northumberland. 237-241
Sockett, E. W.: Stone axes from Heddon on the Wall. 241-245
Sockett, E.W.: Stone axe from Dewley Law. 246
Philipson, J.: A set of gravity beads. 246-247
Book Reviews
Mann, J. C.: The Antonine Wall, O.S. 2 ½" map. 249-250
---: Books Received. 251
---: Index. 253-259

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