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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 48, 1970

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Gillam, J. P. and Mann, J. C.: The Northern British Frontier from Antoninus Pius to Caracalla. 1-44
Wright, R. P.: A fourth-century Roman inscription from the Saxon Church at Escomb, County Durham. 45-49
Jobey, G.: An iron age settlement and homestead at Burradon, Northumberland. 51-95
Birley, R. E.: Excavations at Chesterholm-Vindolanda 1967-1969. 97-155
Swanton, M. J.: Bishop Acca and the cross at Hexham. 157-168
Campbell, P., and Dixon, P. W.: Two fortified houses in Haltwhistle. 169-181
Jarrett, M. G.: The deserted village of West Whelpington, Northumberland: second report. 183-302
Howell, R.: Thomas Weld of Gateshead: the return of a New England Puritan. 303-332
Museum Notes
Harrison, R. M.: An early Byzantine Bronze Stamp. 333-337
Mellars, P. A.: An Antler Harpoon-Head of 'Obanian' Affinities from Whitburn, County Durham. 337-346
Harrison, R. M.: A sandstone head from West Denton. 347-348
Briggs, H. D.: Tunnels at Quarry House, Wideopen. 348-355
Book Reviews
Wright, R. P.: Richmond, Ian, Roman Archaeology and Art. 357-359
Dobson, B.: Mann, J. C. (ed.), The Northern Frontier in Britain from Hadrian to Honorius: literary and epigraphic sources. 359-360
Mann, J. C.: Barley, M. W., and Hanson, R. P. C. (eds.), Christianity in Britain 300-700. (360-363
Hedley, W. P.: Philipson, J. (ed.), Northumberland: National Park Guide No.7. 363-364
Philipson, J.: [Akenhead, D.], The Picture of Newcastle upon Tyne. 364
Philipson, J.: Howard, P., Birdoswald Fort on Hadrian's Wall. 364
---: Index. 367-372

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