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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 47, 1969

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Wright, R. P.: Two bronze vessels from Northumberland and new readings of the names of other makers. 1-5
Bulmer, W.: The provisioning of Roman forts: a reappraisal of ration storage. 7-13
Breeze, D. and Dobson, B.: Fort types on Hadrian's Wall. 15-32
Harrison, R.M.: The Long Wall in Thrace. 33-38
Charlesworth, D.: A gold signet ring from Housesteads. 39-42
Frankis, P. J. and Bailey, R. N.: A runic forgery from Cullercoats. 43-46
Fraser, C. M. and Emsley, K.: Law and society in Northumberland and Durham, 1290 to 1350. 47-70
Harbottle, R. B.: The town wall of Newcastle upon Tyne: consolidation and excavation in 1968, with a report by Parsons, J. E. on the objects found. 71-95
Howell, R.: King Alfred and the proletariat: a case of the Saxon yoke. 97-100
Clark, J. W.: The copper plate of the Goldsmiths Company of Newcastle upon Tyne. 101-123
Kirby, D.: Lumley Lock–an historical note on an ancient fishery. 125-135
Pallister, G.: Dr. Thomas Addison (1795-1860). 137-146
Thomson, F. M. and Philipson, J.: Dr. J. C. Bruce and the Reid collection of engraved wood-blocks. 147-166
Museum Notes
Robson, D. A.: A note on the geology of the Roman inscribed and sculptured stones on exhibition in the Museum. 167-168
Tait, J.: A cist burial of the early Bronze Age at Bowsden West Farm. 168-171
Smith, D. J.: Two pricks of Roman spurs from South Shields. 172
Smith, D. J.: The forgotten Whitfield Hoard of bronze vessels. 172-181
Brooks, R. T.: The Round Hill, Easington, Peterlee, Co. Durham. 183
Jobey, G.: Barcombe Hill Signal Station, Thorngrafton. 183-185
Still, L.: Inscribed brooch from West Hartburn. 185-186
---: Books Received. 187-188
Book Reviews
Barrow, G. W. S.: Hedley, W. P., Northumberland Families Vol.1. 189-191
---: Index. 193-198

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