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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 46, 1968

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in the text. xi
---: Thanks for gifts. xii
---: Council and officers for 1968. xiii
---: Editorial note. xvi
Wright, R. P.: Two Roman inscriptions on bronze and brick. 1-4
Jobey, G.: Excavation of cairns at Chatton Sandyford, Northumberland. 5-50
McCord, N. and Jobey, G.: Notes on air reconnaissance in Northumberland and Durham I. Tyne to Wansbeck, Northumberland. 51-68
Charlesworth, D.: Recent work on Hadrian's Wall, Cawfields. 69-74
Gillam. J. P. and Tait, J.: The Roman fort at Chester-le-Street, with a contribution by Hartley, B.R. 75-97
Hooley, J. and Breeze, D. J.: The building of Hadrian's Wall: a reconsideration. 97-114
Daniels, C. M.: A hoard of iron and other materials from Corbridge. 115-126
Hodgson, G. W. I.: A comparative account of the animal remains from Corstopitum and the Iron Age site of Catcote near Hartlepool, County Durham. 127-162
Harbottle, R. B.: Excavations at the Carmelite Friary, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1965 and 1967. Contributions by Gillam, J. P., Parsons, J. E., Cowper, R. A. S. and Powell, K. 163-224
Howell, R.: The elections to the Long Parliament in Newcastle upon Tyne: some new evidence. 225-228
Tuck, R. F.: The origins of the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne. 229-272
Museum Notes
Robinson, H. Russell: An Iron Age sword blade. 273-275
Tait, J.: Neolithic Pottery from Northumberland. 275-281
Smith, D. J.: Two unpublished rakes of deerhorn. 281-284
Smith, D. J.: The Archer's Tombstone from Housesteads. 284-291
Jobey, G.: A radiocarbon date for the palisaded settlement at Huckhoe. 293-295
Zealand, C.A.: Discovery of a middle Bronze Age spear-head. 296-297
Whitcomb, N. R.: Two prehistoric dug-out canoes from the river Wear at Hylton, near Sunderland, County Durham. 297-301
Book reviews
Middlebrook, S.: Howell, Roger, Newcastle upon Tyne and the Puritan Revolution. 303-304
Jobey, G.: Ross, Anne, Pagan Celtic Britain. 305-306
Mann, J. C.: Ogilvie, R. M. and Richmond, Ian (Editors), Cornelii Taciti; de vita Agricolae. 306-308
Philipson, J.: Jessup, Ronald, Age by Age, Landmarks of British Archaeology. 308-309
---: Index. 311-320

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