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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 44, 1966

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Text illustrations. xi
---: Thanks for Gifts. xii
---: Council and officers for 1966. xiii
---: Editorial note. xvi
Cowen, J. D.: Sir Ian Richmond. A memoir. 1-4
Jobey, G. and Tait, J.: Excavations on palisaded settlements and cairnfields at Alnham, Northumberland. Contributions by Clark, H. H., Tonge, C. H. and Tylecote, R. F. 5-48
Taylor, H. M.: Rediscovery of important Anglo-Saxon sculpture at Hexham. 49-60
Cowen, J. D. and Barty, E.: A lost Anglo-Saxon inscription recovered. 61-70
Woodfield, P.: Barcombe Hill, Thorngrafton. 71-77
Harbottle, R. B.: Excavations at the south curtain wall of the castle, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1960-1961. Contributions by Daniels, C. M., Gillam, J. P., Edwards, B. J. N. and Parsons, J. E. 79-145
Wall, J.: Christian evidences in the Roman period. Part II–The Northern Counties. 147-164
Coombes, L. C.: Wigham of Coanwood. 165-183
Lawson, W.: The origin of the Military Road from Newcastle to Carlisle. 185-207
Cowen, J. D.: Prehistoric Notes. 209-235
Woodhead, A.: A Bronze Age urn from West Hartlepool. 237-239
Dodds, W.: A sword found at Hart, Co. Durham. 239-241
Philipson, J.: A Quaker grave-cover. 242-244
Museum Notes
Smith, D. J.: Accessions to the Museum of Antiquities in 1957-1959, 1963 and 1964. 245-252
Book Reviews
Cowen, J. D.: Collingwood, R. G. and Wright, R. P., The Roman Inscriptions of Britain, Vol. 1: Inscriptions on Stone. 253-256
Hunter Blair, P.: Taylor, H. M. and Taylor, J., Anglo-Saxon Architecture, Vols. I & II. 256-258
Birley, A. R.: Webster, G. and Dudley, D. R., The Roman Conquest of Britain, A.D. 43-57. 259
Philipson, J.: Simpson, W. Douglas, The Ancient Stones of Scotland; Simpson, W. Douglas, Castles in Britain; Collingwood Bruce, J. and Stokoe, John (eds.): Northumbrian Minstrelsy, 259-260
---: Index. 261-268

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