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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 43, 1965

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Text illustrations. xi
---: Thanks for Gifts. xii
---: Council and officers for 1965. xiii
---: Editorial note. xvi
Cowen, J. D.: The Crawhall Collection. 1-20
Jobey, G.: Hill Forts and Settlements in Northumberland. 21-64
Jobey, G., Smith, D. J. and Tait, J.: An early bronze age burial on Reaverhill Farm, Barrasford, Northumberland. Contributions by Weyman, J. and Burgess, C.B. 65-76
Jobey, G.: Stott's House "Tumulus" and the military way, Walker. 77-86
Woodfield, C. C.: Six turrets on Hadrian's Wall. Contribution by Chaplin, R. E. 87-200
Wall, J.: Christian evidences in the Roman Period. 201-226
Charlesworth, D.: Glass from Pompeii in Alnwick Castle Museum. 227-234
Harbottle, R. B. and McCord, N.: An excavation at Outchester, Northumberland. 235-242
Blake, J. B.: Medieval smuggling in the North-east: Some fourteenth-century evidence. 243-260
Coombes, L. C.: The survey of Langley Barony 1608. 261-274
Harrison, J. V.: Kirkhaugh wills–Part III. 275-304
Staniforth, F.: Collingwood's captain–Two letters. 305-314
Museum Notes
Tait, J.: Two Beakers from Scremerston, Northumberland. 315-317
Smith, D. J.: A stone battle-axe from the Hexham district. 318
Smith, D. J.: Thefts from the Museum. 318
Dodds, W.: Fragment of Roman sculpture in Hexham Abbey. 319-321
Book Reviews
Philipson, J.: Wilkes, Lyall and Dodds, Gordon, Tyneside Classical: The Newcastle of Grainger, Dobson and Clayton. 323-324
McCord, N.: Birley, Anthony, Life in Roman Britain.  324-325
Steer, K.A.: Robertson, A., The Roman Fort at Castledykes. 325-328
---: Index. 329-336

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