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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 42, 1964

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Text illustrations. xi
---: Thanks for gifts. xii
---: Council and officers for 1964. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xiv
---: Editorial note. xvi
Steer, Kenneth A.: John Horsley and the Antonine Wall. 1-40
Jobey, George: Enclosed stone built settlements in North Northumberland. 41-64
Gilbert, Edward: Some problems of Early Northumbrian Architecture. 65-84
Harbottle, Barbara, and Salway, Peter: Excavations at Newminster Abbey, Northumberland. 1961-1963. 85-172
Reed, Alan, Harper, Richard, and Dodds, Wilfred: Excavations at Ebchester in 1962-3. 173-186
Still, L. and Pallister, A.: The excavation of one house site in the deserted village of West Hartburn, Co. Durham. 187-206
Howell, Roger: Newcastle's Regicide: The Parliamentary career of John Blakiston. 207-230
Parsons, J. E.: The archaeology of the clay tobacco-pipe in North East England. 231-254
Jarrett, Michael G.: Makers of clay pipes recorded on North-eastern England, II. 255-260
Rutherford, Frank: The collecting and publishing of Northumbrian Folk-song. 261-278
Museum Notes, 1964
Cowper, R. A. S.: Accessions to the Keep and Black Gate Museums, 1956-1963. 279-283
Bulmer, W.: An Ivory Snuff Grater. 283-285
Dodds, W.: The Ryton dug-out canoe. 285-288
Smith, D. J.: Two unrecorded Roman spurs. 288-290
Smith, D. J.: A quernstone from Nafferton, Northumberland. 290
Charlesworth, Dorothy: A palm-cup in Berwick upon Tweed Museum. 291-294
Cramp, Rosemary J.: A name-stone from Monkwearmouth. 294-298
Book Reviews
McDonnell, J. (Editor): A History of Helmsley, Rievaulx and District. (Philipson, J.) 299-300
---: Index. 303-312

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