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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 39, 1961

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---: List of plates. x
---: Text illustrations. xi
---: Thanks for gifts. xii
---: Council and officers for 1961. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xiv-xv
---: Editorial Note. xvi
Charlesworth, D.: Roman jewellery found in Northumberland and Durham. 1-36
Gillam, J. P. and Daniels, C. M.: The Roman Mausoleum on Shorden Brae, Beaufront, Corbridge, Northumberland. 37-61
Ross, A.: The horned god of the Brigantes. 63-85
Jobey, G.: Further notes on rectilinear earthworks in Northumberland: Some medieval and later settlements. 87-102
Taylor, H. M. and Taylor, J.: The seventh-century church at Hexham: A new appreciation. 103-134
Fraser, C. M.: Medieval trading restrictions in the North East. 135-150
Philipson, J.: Whisky smuggling on the Border in the early Nineteenth Century. 151-163
Harbottle, B., Salway, P. and Edwards, B. J. N.: Nafferton Castle, Northumberland. Second report. 165-178
Scammell, G. V.: War at sea under the early Tudors–Part II. 179-205
Cook, M.: The last days of the unreformed Corporation of Newcastle upon Tyne. 207-228
Jarrett, M. G. and Edwards, B. J. N.: Medieval and other pottery from Finchale Priory, County Durham. 229-278
Wilkes, John: Excavations in Housesteads fort, 1960. 279-299
Birley, R. E.: Housesteads civil settlement, 1960. 301-319
Harper, R. P.: An excavation at Chesters, 1960. 321-326
Lilburn, A. J.: The Pipe Rolls of Edward I (continued). 327-343
Philipson, J.: Two eighteenth century maps. 345-353
Snape, M. E.: Some evidence of Lollard activity in the diocese of Durham in the early Fifteenth Century. 355-361
Briggs, G. W. D., Graham, G. and Parsons, D.: Sculptured Anglian masonry in the tower of Corbridge church. 363-366
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Two letters patent from Hutton John near Penrith, Cumberland. 367-370
Jobey, G.: An earthwork at Smalesmouth, Northumberland. 371-373
Collingwood, E. F. and Jobey, G.: A food vessel burial at West Lilburn. 373-378
Jobey, G.: Three polished stone axe-heads from Northumberland. 378-380
Fraser, C. M.: The town ditch of Newcastle upon Tyne. 381-383
Detsicas, A. P.: The Central Gaulish potter Laxtvcissa. 384
Whittick, G. Clement: A Roman ingot of lead from Spain in the Museum of Science and Industry, Newcastle upon Tyne. 385-387
Corbitt, J. H.: Hoard of coins (Henry VII?) from Stanley, Co. Durham. 388-389
Girdlestone, C. M.: Church architecture in Durham and Northumberland–A history. 390
Wild, J. H. S.: Gosforth parish church. 391
Taylor, H. A.: The national register of archives in Northumberland. 392
Book reviews
Fraser, C. M.: Storey, R. L., Thomas Langley and the Bishopric of Durham 1406-1437. 393-395---: Publications of the society. 397-398
---: Index. 399-407
---: Index to The Pipe Rolls of Edward I. 409-411

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