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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 36, 1958

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in text. x
---: Thanks for gifts. xi
---: Council and Officers for 1958. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xv
---: Editorial Note. xvi
Birley, E.: John Horsley and John Hodgson. Being the fourth Horsley Memorial Lecture. 1-47
Philipson, J.: The distillation of spirits in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. 47-54
Jobey, G.: The Wall ditch, Bays Leap, Heddon on the Wall. 55-60
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Wall Knoll, Sallyport or Carpenters' Tower. With appendices by Evetts, L. C. and Halcrow, E. M. 61-72
Bulmer, W. and Hodgson, Norman: The Barber-surgeons company of Newcastle upon Tyne. With an appendix upon the collection of their early surgical and dental instruments. 73-80
Harbottle, B.: Bishop Hatfield's visitation of Durham Priory in 1354. 81-100
Halcrow, E. M.: The election campaigns of Sir Charles Miles Lambert Monck. 101-122
Hudleston, C. Roy: Fenwick of Bywell. 123-128
Batho, G. R.: The state of Alnwick Castle, 1557-1632. 129-146
Boyes, J.: Newcastle–A study in local dental history. 147-164
Drinkwater, G. N.: Gateshead charters and companies from the twelfth to the seventeenth centuries and later. 165-206
Butler, L. A. S.: Some early northern grave covers–A reassessment. 207-220
Wragg, R. B.: Chesters. 221-226
Salway, P.: Civilians in the Roman frontier region. 227-244
Coombes, L. C.: Lead mining in east and west Allendale. 245-270
Lilburn, A. J.: Pipe Rolls of Edward I (continued). 271-296
Birley, E.: Thomas Romans. 297-299
Book Reviews
Richmond, I. A.: Robertson, Anne, Antonine Fort, Golden Hill, Duntocher. 301-303
Hunter Blair, P.: Battiscombe, C. F. (ed.), The Relics of St. Cuthbert. 303-306
Jobey, G.: An altar to Minerva from Benwell. 307-308
Birley, E.: The Roman Wall at Denton Bank. 308-310
Hunter Blair, C. H.: The National Flag of the United States of America. 310-311
Halcrow, E. M.: Deeds belonging to Sir William Gibson. 312-313
Shaw, N.: Two iron rock wedges from Hadrian's Wall. 313-314
Fyson, Mrs D. R.: A blacksmith's tombstone. 314-315
Wright, R. P.: The Stanegate at Newbrough. 316
---: Publications of the society. 317-320
---: Index. 321-329
---: Index to The Pipe Rolls of Edward I. 331-333
---: Author and Subject Index for volumes XXV-XXXVI. 335-346

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