The Society's seal and three photographs

4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 35, 1957

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in text. x
---: Thanks for gifts. xi
---: Council and Officers for 1957. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xv
---: Editorial Note. xvi
Hedley, W. Percy: The early Widdringtons of Widdrington. 1-6
Halcrow, E. M.: Obedientiaries and counsellors in monastic administration at Durham. 7-21
Fraser, C. M.: Officers of the bishopric of Durham under Antony Bek, 1238-1311. 22-38
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Hatchments in Northumberland–A supplemental list. 39-47
Batho, G. R.: The Percies and Alnwick Castle, 1557-1632. 48-63
Fyson, Mrs D. R.: Anglian Patterns. Some sources and developments. 64-71
Charlesworth, D.: The raid on Haydon Bridge, 1587. 72-79
Hudleston, C. Roy: Fenwick and Ramsay. 80-90
Bean, J. M. W.: The Percies and their estates in Scotland. 91-99
Meekings, C. A. F.: Roger of Whitchester. 100-128
Fyson, Mrs D. R.: A note on the work of the late C. C. Hodges. 129-136
Hedley, W. Percy: The Herons of Chipchase–Additional notes. 137-143
Lilburn, A. J.: The Pipe Rolls of Edward 1 (continued). 144-162
Jobey, G.: Excavations at the native settlement, Gubeon cottage, Northumberland. 163-179
Gillam, J. P.: Types of Roman coarse pottery vessels in Northern Britain. 180-251
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Herbert Lewis Honeyman. With a bibliography by Mrs E. Honeyman. 252-259
Richmond, I. A.: Mrs Teague. 260-262
Book Reviews
Stones, E. L. G.: Fraser, C. M., A history of Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham 1283-1311. 263-265
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Six seals of sheriffs of Northumberland. 266
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Chancery seal of Bishop Van Mildert. 267-268
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Episcopal seal of Bishop Maltby. 268-269
Jobey, G.: Bronze Age pottery from High Buston. 269-272
Halcrow, E. M.: Records of the Ridleys of Blagdon. 272-278
Miller, E.: Laings of Laings Hill in Elsdon. 279-282
Jobey, G. and Maxwell, D.: A square-headed brooch from Benwell. 282-284
Hardie, A. G.: A copper-gilt chalice from Hexham Abbey. 284-285
Dixon, A. C. S.: An armour, rapier and gauntlet bequeathed to the Society. 285-286
Hunter Blair, C. H.: An armorial panel at Middle Ord, Berwick upon Tweed. 287
---: Corrigenda. 288
---: Publications of the society. 289-291
---: Index. 293-303

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