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4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 32, 1954

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in text. x
---: Thanks for gifts of illustrations. xi
---: Council and officers for 1954. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xv
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Hatchments in the county of Durham, with a supplement. 1-29
Dodds, M. Hope and Howard Hall A.: The Letters of Lady Collingwood and others to Miss Mary Woodman. 30-64
Clay, C. T.: The ancestry of the early lords of Warkworth. 65-71
Hume, W. E.: The origin and the early history of the infirmary of Newcastle upon Tyne. 72-99
Simpson, W. Douglas: The donjons of Conisborough and Bothwell. 100-115
Rogan, J.: Christopher Hunter: Antiquary. 116-125
Raimes, A. L.: Shortflatt Tower and its owners, 1200-1600. With a description of the building and its history by H. L. Honeyman. 126-159
Hedley, W. Percy: The Ridleys of Ridley and Willimontswick. 160-175
Gillam, J. P., MacIvor, I. and Birley, E.: The temple of Mithras at Rudchester. 176-219
Davies, J. Conway: The wool customs accounts for Newcastle upon Tyne for the reign of Edward I. 220-308
Bean, J. M. W.: The Percies' acquisition of Alnwick. 309-319
Harding, F. J. W.: Letter from the Corporation of Master Pilots and Seamen of Newcastle upon Tyne to Bishop Morton of Durham, 1636. 320-322
Lilburn, A. J.: The Pipe Rolls of Edward I. 323-340
Gibby, C. W.: Robert Holmes Edleston – Memoir. 341-344
Child, F. Austin: Robert John Scott Bertram – Memoir. 344-347
Richmond, Ian: Sir Walter de Lancey Aitchison, Bt. – Memoir. 347-349
Shield, E. P.: Edward Hedley – Memoir. 350-351
Book Reviews
Bulmer, W.: Brade-Birks, S. G., Teach Yourself Archaeology.  352-353
Cowen, J. D.: Birley, E. B., Roman Britain and the Roman Army: Collected Papers. 354-356
Richmond, I. A.: Chadwick, N. K. (ed.), Studies in Early British History. 356-360
---: Addenda: Hatchments in Durham (continued from p. 29). 361-363
---: Publications of the society. 364-366
---: Index. 367-378

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